June 2017 Favourites 

June can now easily pass as my favourite month. I’m not saying it is, (as I don’t want May which is my birth month to get jealous) but there are some dates in june that are remarkable.

My Wedding Anniversary

Le Hubby’s Birthday

My Grandpa’s Glorious Exit

Le Hubby’s Dad’s Birthday

I’m so jealous I want to add mine too. 

Anyway, it’s only apt that I thought about writing a ‘June favourite’ post. I’m basically letting you know all the things I enjoyed being involved with this month.


If you follow Phaytea’s Pulse on Facebook or Instagram, you must have noticed my bants about ‘Despacito’ by a Puertorican pop artiste Luis Forsi. It featured Daddy Yankee who is also a Puertorican. Justin Bieber later jumped in for a remix and I guess that version made the song more popular in the English-speaking part of the world.

Totally loving the song and here’s what what the original version sounds like 

You know I had to check the meaning of Despacito right? It means ‘Slowly’ or ‘Gently’.

Amongst the movies I saw this month, wonder woman has to be my favourite. The characters that stood out for me were Gal Gadot as Diane and Chris Pine as Steve. Although I mentioned it is not my usual genre, I enjoyed watching the movie and even shared Life Nuggets from Wonder Woman in Post.

I’ll recommend you see it if it’s still showing at a cinema near you.


These cute bags I got from a friend who is running a business. I ordered them while at work at it got delivered. They come in handy for when I have to run quick errands and it’s perfect for my phone, power bank, pen, note pad, cash and cards.


I got some really nice earrings from the city mall sometime in june as well. I had wanted to overhaul my office jewellery for a while now and finally got to do it. I wanted earrings that are simple and fit for work. 

What do you think?

I’ve had the little hoops for a while now but I wore them a lot in june and started loving it again.

If you read Pulse for June 2017, then you know I mentioned I’ll consciously start reading paper back books. Well, I picked up one of le hubby’s books. I’m not quite done but wow….the things I’ve learnt already.

So there’s this bakery I recently discovered. You know how they say ‘A king is never appreciated in his home town’? Well, thats my story with this bakery. It’s close to the house and i see it everyday on my way to work but never bothered to check it out. A friend who has actually been there mentioned how good their products are.

I finally tried their chocolate bread two days ago and I’m so sure I’ll be visiting ‘Bite me’ a lot in July. 

What were your favourites in june 2017?

I’ll love to read from you

Love, Peace and Cupcakes


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