One year down…..

Whoop whoop…

It’s my one year wedding anniversary today

….and I won’t choose to have my experience anyother way😍😍😍

One year

Wait! How is it one year down already?

Just the other day I still misspelt my surname on a form I was filling. I sometimes forget I have to write my husband’s surname and end up writing mine….then cancel out… sigh.

Time really does fly…..and I have learnt so much about being married. 

I thought about all the things I have learnt in one year but I have decided to write just one major point….since its just one year down…

So here goes….


I’m not sure why I decided this is the lesson I want to share but I think it’s so important as it’s really the little things that matter.

I hear people say…once you get married…you get so busy with activities, the man wants to make more money for the family, the woman has to combine work and wife duties….and when the kids come it’s even worse because the couples never have time for themselves.

If you ask me, I think the solution is ‘never stop dating’

Dating is the period where the couple gets to know eachother…go on dates, share likes and dislikes, interests, share ideas, know eachother’s weakness and all that stuff.

You know all the fun stuff you do before you get married, it does not have to stop after you get married.

Popular opinions has it that by the time you get married you would think you’ve learnt so much about your partner……permit me to burst your bubble…but its a different ballgame once you start living together. It’s funny when you start to pick up things you never knew about. 

Getting married does not mean you must have known ‘everything’ about your partner.

In my opinion, the dating phase should be continuous, keep learning about each other everytime. It does not have to be over ‘candle lit dinner’ though. 

Keep doing things together.

Keep sharing.

Keep talking to eachother.

Keep praying for eachother.

Like I said earlier, it’s the little things that matter to me.

Once you get married there will be obvious changes but whatever happens, Never stop dating because it keep you close to your partner.

Share your thoughts Lovelies

What lessons have you learnt from marriage?

What lessons have you learnt from your relationship?

I’ll love to read from you

Love, Peace and Cupcakes


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11 thoughts on “One year down…..

  1. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I just rounded out our third year. I totally agree with “never stop dating.” I would add I learned to be quick to forgive and quick to apologize. We’re two imperfect people and the sooner we can both learn to swallow our pride, the more harmonious our life can be.


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