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If this is your first time here, Thank you for visiting 😘😘😘 and if you have been frequent on my blog, sending plenty hugs your way. 

Phaytea’s pulse is like a source code. It holds a collection of thoughts, lessons, life nuggets and of course rants (if you are anything like me, then you have moments where prim and proper cannot suffice) . However, the plan is to consciously ‘be civil’ in a ‘not so civil’ world.

Phaytea’s pulse aims at creatively sharing experiences (Life as I know and Live it) while hoping that we can live, love, learn and laugh about life together (Don’t be a stranger now….like, or drop a comment on a post you relate to/have an opinion about so I can learn too).

Everybody can relate with posts published here. You will find posts about my thoughts, observations, Girl talk, career, love, anger, pain, music, modern and traditional culture, fashion, style, societal issues, gossip and more….no sports tho’..i haven’t met anyone that will make me like sports..especially football. Let me know if you intend to make me 🙂

Phaytea is enthusiastic about life, self-love, positive thinking, mindfulness….. and my happy place ‘Expression’!!! (Posts will be centred around these).

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My mind is a disco when my imagination gets rolling… (I only just need to channel that energy into a pen and paper 😉😉)

Let’s do this!!!!

This is such a throwback.. circa 2011☺☺

Peace, Love and Cupcakes