Different ways people get judged on the spot.

I was running errands the other day with a friend when we saw the police had stopped two guys for driving a jeep that had dark tinted windows. 

Both guys seemed distressed but what really got me thinking was when my friend said the two guys might be involved in shady deals. 

This conclusion was made because they both wore earrings and had dreadlocks. Now, I tried to put up an argument to differ but it really didn’t get anywhere as the subject of discussion drifted into other topics.

While reflecting much later at night, I thought about how easy it is to judge people on the spot just by observing and this post has the different ways people get judged.


  • Dressing and accessories.

Appearance is definitely the first thing you notice in a person. 

A ‘big hair, don’t care’ lady will probably be called loud, wearing excess make up could be mistaken for insecurity but could also mean stylish.

Guys with earrings might be called wayward, sagging your trousers can be mistaken for being unruly but that could also mean trying to be fashionable.

I remember when my course mates and I were made to dress like the locals because we had to go into villages to interview elderly men and women for a project. The idea was to dress like them so they can be comfortable around us and not feel intimidated.

Imagine if we had dressed in really sophisticated outfits and heels, there is no way the villagers would have given us attention without being sceptical.

They say dress the way you want to be addressed and I agree with that statement.

  • The car you drive or lack of it.

You know it’s true. A flashy car probably means the owner is very rich, has a really good job or sometimes misunderstood for being fraudulent.

I have even heard people joke about how some valet treat owners of fancy cars better than the owners of regular cars.

It should not be that way but society has a way of determining what kind of person you are by the car you drive or the lack of it.

This is really bias but it does happen.

  • Your gadget

This is another way people get judged on the spot. The kind of phone, laptop, camera you own….

Meanwhile, do people still have fights about #TeamAndroid and Team Iphone?

….And ringtone too

Apparently, you get judged by the ringtone you use…

Quick story: 

I was with the customer service representative in a banking hall when someone’s phone rang. Honestly it was a very ‘funny’ ringtone and I didn’t think that way alone.

Cust. Rep. 1: Who is using that kind of ringtone?

Cust. Rep. 2: (Looks towards the direction of the song playing and says)..it’s the old man at that corner, what do you expect? 

  • Your countenance

We talked about words are not enough during the AtoZ Challenge in April. It explained that our aura makes an impression before we even speak. Smiling a lot can be interpreted for ‘happy go lucky’ or pleasant. 

If you frown alot, you could be taken for being too uptight.

The key is not to do anything out of proportion.

  • The way you talk.

Well, you might be a really nice person but just one inappropriate encounter can send the wrong signal to someone who does not know your good side.

A lot of misconceptions have been made because of the things we say.

  • Your friends

I’ll say its just to an extent because four friends cannot have the same characteristics…..

But if the saying ‘birds of the same feather flock together’ is anything to go by, then yea…you might be judged wrongly if you have a badly behaved friend.

In my opinion, these are just the little things we have, do or say that help people form an impression.

I’m not a big fan of judging people on the spot…I like to make excuses for people’s…and well if I have to form an impression, I try to be fair…it’s sometimes difficult but I try.

This is actually a light hearted post so….

Share your thoughts Lovelies…

Have you been judged for any of these reasons before?

Have you judged anyone for these reasons?

What other reasons help you make a first impression about someone?

I’ll love to read from you

Love, Peace and Cupcakes



16 thoughts on “Different ways people get judged on the spot.

  1. I try to get to know the person in front of me. If a stranger happens to cross my path and my thoughts go to a more judgmental side, I force myself to be aware of those thoughts. Change my way of thinking. Ask for forgiveness from God and a clear perspective. It’s too easy to assume in this world. And we will be judged as we judge.

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  2. this is so true! We all have been judged for being too dressed up or for the lack of it sometimes! Why should we care if we run errands with messy hair and no makeup? Or why should others judge if you put on makeup to go to work or anything?
    interesting post!

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  3. This is real interesting as it’s very true, we usually judge people on their clothing or characteristic and more. This post has made me aware of pre judging someone before I actually meet them and i think everyone should have this mindset because most of the time it’s usually the wrong judgement

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  4. This is very true and I’ve noticed it myself, especially because I live in a small town where everyone like to know your business.
    They also judge you by your accent, the color of your skin and the fact that you have, or have not, tattoos and piercings.
    I’ve been judged for some of those reasons before and I’m sure I will be in the future as well but that’s ok. I know there are a lot of close-minded and judgmental people who think they’re better than you.
    I grew up learning not to judge anyone from their appearance because there is so much more than that in a person and you should never judge who you don’t know.

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    1. I agree with you Samantha…it’s so uncomfortable when you get judged for something you have or do without a proper conversation…. it’s good your are aware of people’s judgemental behaviour and it does not deter you from being yourself. Thank you for contributing☺


  5. Oh I’ve noticed this kind of behaviour especially in the small town I used to live before. I don’t know how to judge people by their looks, (I know there must be something wrong with me) 😀


  6. It’s for sure that everything you do or not do affects on the first impression. Everything from your scent and hairstyle to your company, your way of speak, are you on time or late, do you smile, etc. It’s the world of judgement here.

    But I guess, it’s okay that it’s so. How we would otherwise know with whom to hang-out and as a customer service professional using all the little hints often helps me figure out what’s important to that specific customer. Maybe I can also adapt my body gestures and speaking style to make that person more willing to buy or more happy.


  7. I’m pretty much all-goth, all the time, so I’m fairly familiar with being judged by my looks! Honestly, the amount of times a friend or acquaintance has said “wow! You’re so much happier than you look!” is kind of crazy at this point.


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