Life Nuggets from ‘Wonder Woman’.

One of the days I really didn’t feel like staying home, I grabbed my purse and headed to the cinemas.

Just like that….I’m too spontaneous sometimes I fear I might get into trouble.

A couple of movies were showing but I settled to watch ‘Wonder Woman’. It came with complimentary popcorn….so why not.

I got my favourite spot by the aisle and settled in to watch this movie that isn’t really my favourite genre….

Have you watched Wonder Woman?

I’ll have to write a post about ‘do nots’ in a cinema. Seating close to the aisle exposes you to all sort but today, allow me share lessons that I learnt from watching wonder women.

Wonder woman

  • Stars are made (Not born).

In my public speaking class mid last year, this was a topic I had to discuss with everyone.

One of the point i gave was, Children who are born into a wealthy home ‘cannot’ automatically be ‘outstanding’, they need to be interested in learning skills, actually learn, practice and work hard. Only then can they become a ‘star’. If you have the resources at your beck and call and have no idea what to do with it, of what good is that?

Wonder Woman is a good example. She was born into a home with opportunities but she did not ‘just become’ a star overnight. She was ‘interested’ in learning how to fight, she would sneak to go practise until her mum finally came to terms with it. From constant practise, she became a better warrior and even discovered her unique capability.

Just like wonder woman, a lot of us have the opportunity to be outstanding but we can only really shine if the drive to discover our talent is present.

  • People do not always know what is best for you. You know better, so be decisive.

Too many times Hippolyta (wonder woman’s mum) tried to stop Diana (wonder woman) from learning how to fight and become a warrior. Her mum also tried to discourage her from leaving Paradise Island and travelling to an unknown territory in search for ‘Ares’ the evil man.

I like to believe Hipolyta’s fear of the unknown is there real reason she did not want to expose her daughter to any dangerous adventure.

However, wonder woman seemed to be determined and against all odds ventured into unknown territory to save the Amazons and Paradise Island. She knew her mum had good intentions but she also knew her capability and was decisive.

Wonder Woman did not let fear or uncertainty stop her from making a decision.

In the same light, we will be faced with lots of opinion (good and bad) but we must always know what we want and never fail to go for it.

  • Always be the driving force.

I am all about wonder woman’s leadership skill in this lesson. I learnt that leadership should clearly be ‘showing others how it’s done’ not ‘telling others how to do it’.

Once wonder woman left paradise island with Steve, she activated boss mode immediately. She was determined to find Ares and defeat him.

She basically paved way for other soldiers when she ran straight into the battlefield alone. The soldiers had tried to warn her about the danger but as a leader, she went into the war front and they followed.

If you intend to be leader, then that’s an example of how you should guide your followers. Be the first to take the first step, be the motivation others need to start, be the driving force.

‘Wonder Woman’ isn’t all action as there were also bits of comedy and intending romance here and there, so it wasn’t all guns and archery.

I enjoyed watching it and will totally recommend it.

Share your thoughts Lovelies

Have you watched Wonder Woman?

Did you enjoy the movie?

When you watch movies, do you look out for the lessons you can learn?

What is the latest movie you have seen?

I’ll love to read from you

Love, Peace and Cupcakes


15 thoughts on “Life Nuggets from ‘Wonder Woman’.

  1. Sometimes I am that spontaneous like you. I didn’t watch this movie – I was like no way.. i am not into those kind of movies but now after reading your post – I will think about it. The latest movie I watched was Baywatch and I loved it. Priyanka played her role amazingly.

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  2. I haven’t watched Wonder Woman, and I wasn’t even planning to. I really love the way you found life lessons from this movie and so brilliantly put it forth! I agree with all of the three points and I always try to incorporate these in my life.


  3. I haven’t seen the movie yet. Haven’t had time to go to the theatre or had anyone to look after Dino to even do so 😀 I’ll wait until it goes on blu-ray 😀


  4. I haven’t watched it yet but heard so many good things about this movie. They all seem to find a lot of positive messages just as you have. Have a lovely day! 🙂


  5. I haven’t seen any movie for a while now. I like to get to one a month or so but I think La La Land was the last one I made an effort to get to. I’m not sure I ever walked away with new lessons learned from a movie. I’m happy just to be entertained for a couple hours. I’d be absolutely thrilled if I got free popcorn to boot!

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