Pulse for July 2017

The beginning of the second half of 2017 is here. Whoop whoop!!!!

Started it off with a friend’s wedding and could not write my goals for July post yesterday because I got home really tired.

If feels so good to be in good health, content and grateful…for the past months and the present. 

Very quickly, here’s how i fared with my goals in June:

Blog Scheduling : I pretty much followed the four posts a day schedule except the week I was really busy with family engagements. I like the effort I put in.

Health Goals: I am going to need something more than just writing a ‘to-do’ list to motivate me. June started with a family engagement that has me breaking most of the health rules I planned. I had a lot of meat, carbohydrate, fizzy drinks all thanks to hosting a party. Sigh…how can you overlook all those delicious delicacies when you are the host and there’s do much food in the house. For my health goals, I didn’t try as much as I would have loved too. I did have my green tea ‘almost’ daily tho..especially when I resumed work again.
Read paper back books: I grabbed one of le hubby’s books and read on some days. Not quite 2 hours daily but I tried. However, I feel I wasn’t really interested in the book I read so I have another strategy for July.

That sums up my performance with June goals. Now here’s what I have planned for July:

Post Scheduling and Pictures

I have always liked to write on impulse. This is why I find it difficult to schedule post. However, I realised that if I had planned for the blog before my trip, I would have had some posts already scheduled. In July, I plan to start writing posts ahead of the day it should be published. 

I now see the importance of keeping a blog planner but I had no idea where I could get one immediately so improvised. I got a diary and touched it up a bit to suit my need. I can make use of the blog diary then get a proper planner next year.

Read Daily

I mentioned that I actually read a little in june but my heart was not really into it. I’m guessing the reason is because I didn’t pick the book myself.

To this effect, I plan to visit a book store and pick some books that interest me. Let’s see how things pan out if I get to choose a book myself.

Personal Development

Lately, I’ve been itching to write an exam or just be in a classroom. I plan to look out for any course session that will not interfere with my work period. This might not happen in July as it will have to involve a bit of saving but the thought is laid on the table waiting for execution.

Health Goals 

I guess this is going to be continuous for me as one never really meets his/her health goals in one trial. I plan to keep at having a balanced meal each time I eat, have lots of water and green tea daily, exercise and relax when u can.

‘Favourites’ Post

I jumped on a ‘favourites’ post on the last day in June and I think I enjoyed writing it. I have always thought my content does not allow me do my own mini photo sessions but well i was able to take pictures of my favourite things in june and shared them on the blog. 

I plan to write a ‘favourites’ post at the end of July 2017 God willing.

These are my goals for July 2017. Quite realistic yea?

Share your thoughts Lovelies

Did you meet your June goals?

What plans do you have for July 2017?

I’ll love to read from you

Love, Peace and Cupcakes


28 thoughts on “Pulse for July 2017

  1. A good way to keep yourself in a momentum. I actually was happy to not only achieve my goals but surpass them in June. Hoping to go stronger in July 🙂 all the best for your goals!


  2. The year has whizzed past so fast. Thank you for reminding me about the health bit, waiting up for breast check ups in October. Currently on a no wheat no meat diet. Cheers to the 2nd half of 2017!


  3. I think I need to get started with my goals. Ahhhh…how do you even do it? I plan mine diligently but then the next day I’ll forget all about it. I have no self-discipline to be honest.


  4. I like this idea of journaling in monthly goals and tracking progress.. Just recently came across a podcast for blog development and planning called “Learning with Leslie”. Found it so useful and he also has a free blog planner on his site.

    Liked by 1 person

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