How to keep busy when the server goes Kaput!

Ever imagined getting to your place of work and then somehow hours into day, the server goes Kaput…. like completely unserviceable and there’s no immediate remedy?

Everything you planned to do on your computer will have to wait and you’re thinking….what next?

Use the opportunity to run errands outside the office (No, you already asked to be excused for 30minutes yesterday).

Use your phone and social media apps (No again, You’ll look unserious if anyone {read that as the boss} walks in on you more than twice still having your phone in hand).

Go over to your colleagues office and have a chat (Nah..doesn’t look good either..even if you do, will you be there all day?).

What then can you do when 80% of your job has been put on hold? There’s no access to the internet, work software applications and email.

It’s a very dicey situation to be in especially if you want to still make good use of your time and be resourceful. 

There are certainly options to use your personal wifi or private email but what happens if these are not available too?

I was in a similar situation sometime last week and trust me, one can be easily tempted to wile away time by chit chatting or spending hours on the phone. 

The situation gave me an idea for this post so here goes~ likely things you can do at work when your role is office inclined and reliant on internet….but the server is unserviceable.

  • Clear your desktop.
My desktop looking all disorganised

My first point of call will be your desktop. The picture is blurred for obvious reasons but It is currently filled with single documents which isn’t really how i like it. I tend to quickly save a document on the desktop for convenience and then put it in a folder much later. But this never gets done, it keeps piling until I’m really less busy.  I had a chance to put the single documents in respective folders and it now looks a lot organised and presentable.

If you desktop looks like mine, you might want to get it organised too.

Looks better after the clean up yea?

Do you like you’re desktop organised or filled with lots of single documents?

How is your desktop looking at the moment?

  • Declutter – put away old documents in the archive.

If you’ve been with an organisation for a while and in the same office, then you definitely know your ‘most reffered to’ documents. A good way to spend your time is doing a bit of decluttering.

Instead of requesting for new office cabinets, create some space in the old one by sending off old folders to the archive. When this is completed, you will feel very happy with the result. 

No internet but you’ve cleaned up your space. Good job.

  • Complete your power point slides or any uncompleted task.

If you’re anything like me then you probably like to create templates and draft of basically ‘anything’ work related….just incase you suddenly have to offer your expertise.

So if you have a good knowledge about an application or package but you’ve never really had the time to practise. This is a good time…. indulge in any application that you are good at….give yourself a work related topic and create slides, use photoshop, convert documents to pdf, go through files, create new drafts and templates, clear your recycle bin…there’ll be something interesting to find.

  • Sort or Shred loose papers

I keep creating a stash of sticky notes in my top drawer. Am I alone on this? 

It reminds me of how i unconsciously stash receipts in my bag all the time. 

This is certainly the best time to clean out your drawer. Shred loose papers that are not useful, file the important ones, put up sticky notes on the board or re write them in your organiser. 

If by chance all these are sorted and you really can’t find something to do, then I guess it’s safe to say use your phone all you want or stop by your friends office for some chit chat.

Share your thoughts Lovelies

Do you work at the moment?

Can you relate with any of these pointers?

Have you ever been in a situation where you get stranded while working (not that it’s any fault of yours?

What alternate activities did you get involved in to keep busy?

Share new ideas if you have any too.

I’ll love to read from you


10 thoughts on “How to keep busy when the server goes Kaput!

  1. Wow! If you did all you mentioned you certainly didn’t have to worry about the boss finding you at loose ends. Whenever I was confronted with such downtime I always found it a good time to clean my desktop also. Actually, both desktops – the virtual and the real one! You asked what can one do when 80% of one’s job relies on getting through to that server. It’s a good time to give some love to the other 20%.

    Liked by 1 person

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