6 Top Distractions: How to reduce its negative effect.

The first half of 2017 is over…..like…literally OVER.

Have you taken a stock count?

How did you fare?

At the beginning of the year, we had a lot of goals lined out and as I always advocate, I’m hoping we’ve been taking baby steps to achieve one goal at a time.

We may not have achieved everything yet due to several reasons and as the start of the second half is just hours away, I am sure we are all gearing up to meet the remaining goals.

Now, those ‘several reasons’ are unknown to me but one reason I’m certain happens to the best of us is DISTRACTION. 


If you ask me, distractions are basically anything that stops you from achieving a goal within a scheduled time. It stops you from saving more money, studying for an exam, going to bed early, exercising, shopping for healthy meals etc. 

Distractions are in every nook and cranny just waiting for its next victim to pounce on.

It could be as little as just ‘watching one more youtube video’ instead of actually researching for an assignment or as big as ‘obliging an invitation to an impromptu trip for days’ instead of staying back home to plan for a task.

However the size, distractions are an established factor that stops us from achieving our goals and what better time is there to call ourselves to order than now. Hopefully, we start to consciously do things right from the first day of the second half of 2017 ( which is tomorrow, by the way). 

Here are tops distractions I have had to deal with…Can you relate?

Mobile Phone

Hmmm…Is there anyone who doesn’t pick up their phone immediately they wake up in the morning? If there is, please tell me how you do it…
I have read that there are other activities we can do once we wake up in the morning like meditation, praying, stretches and exercise etc.

But you see, the mobile phone is just always there to distract you once you wake up in the morning. Its a distraction at meetings, in church, when you are studying, while cooking, you name it.

There are people who even reply text messages while walking on the road. That is so unsafe and could lead to a terrible incident. I suggest if we get involved in activities that require our full attention, it is best to keep the phone away. Please let’s be aware.

Social Media Apps

As much as social media is important these days especially if you run an online business, it is a big distraction if usage isn’t monitored.
Social Media is definitely important to keep up with friends and the latest news but spending uncontrolled time on social media is a sure way of spending a full day without achieving planned goals. The hours just keep passing slowly and before you know it, the day is over.

This youtube example happens to me alot. I decide to watch just one youtube video and before you know it, i’m like… I’ll give myself 5 MORE MINUTES and before you know it, an hour is gone. 

Does this happen to anyone else? Do checkout the back link for an interesting article closely related to time management. Generous much?😉

Television (and all the juicy series)

We all have our favourite television series, I have mine and I know how I get when I miss an episode or looking forward to watching a new episode.

As much as watching tv serves as a way to relax, it is important to ensure we are binge watching when we have other plans lined up for the day. 

It can be tempting but trust me, it’s one of the things that reduces our pace when we need to achieve a goal.

Family, Friends or Colleagues

We love them so much……that even when no appointment is planned we accommodate whatever request they bring to us and vice versa. I mean we are family and should always be ready to help.
The truth is, if something is not planned, then it is probably a distraction.

Ensure you consciously plan the time you spend with your family, friends or colleagues. Make sure it does not clash with time set apart to achieve a particular task and while at it, do not be the person that shows up at a friend or colleagues house/office without prior information. You might be encroaching on their time. 

I am aware of situations where the BFF’s can show up whenever. That’s because they can help themselves with whatever they need and do not need to be ‘served’ total attention.

A little unplanned chit-chat at your colleagues desk slows down the completion of a task…we know that…but well…we still like our chit-chat

A New Purchase

A childhood memory comes to mind here. One morning at Sunday school, I was seated with my friends and one of us wore a really cute shoe that we all loved. She pulled it off her feet and kept it on the table so we could all innocently admire the shoe.

At this point, we became oblivious of the teaching that was going on and focused all attention on this lovely shoe. Our Sunday school teacher must have noticed because the next thing we heard was ‘ Stand up! five of you’. He didn’t need to ask us what we were doing as the shoe was on the table staring back at him. 

We got a pep talk about vanity that ended with ‘we were idolise-ing the shoe. 

Not sure why, but that statement has stayed with me for a very long time and comes to mind if I notice I’m getting too attached to an item I just purchased.

Apparently, our goal that morning was to attend Sunday school and listen to the teaching but we ended up getting distracted by a cute shoe.

This happens to the best of us. We buy a new item and spend all day/time on that item. A new car, a new outfit, a new phone, the latest play station…..These are all important things that allows us live well but can be a distraction once it starts to get in the way of our daily goals.


Happy thoughts? Sad thoughts?

This should have been the first because it just knows how to send us into lala land before we are even ready.

No tickets, no bookings, nothing is needed to get carried away and this is one distraction that really gets in the way.

Thoughts about relationships, finance, assumptions, unanswered questions etc. Whether it is day dreaming or night dreaming, it is important to be aware of our thought process.

Now that we have listed a few of my (and maybe yours too) top distractions, let’s proceed to how we can actually reduce its effect on our goals. 

I am aware that most of the distractions listed are things we cannot entirely do away with. I mean, I cannot imagine keeping my phone away from me for a long period so the idea is to do everything in moderation. Here goes our guide:

  • Have a daily to-do list.
  • Keep track with a diary or an organiser that indicates time/hour.
  • Include your favourite past time activity in your organiser.
  • Reduce the amount of past time activity in a day.
  • Plan family visits, after work hangouts, 
  • You need to be disciplined and stick to the plan and time as you have put down in your organiser.
  • If there are unforeseen events that come up, reschedule previous plans immediately.
  • Consciously keep all distractions out of sight when you need to focus on a task.

Basically, i think distractions are inevitable but the best way to handle them is through proper Time Management.

These are my cents on distraction and how we can reduce the effect on our goals.

Share your thoughts Lovelies

What are your top distractions at the moment?

Which of your distractions are you willing to sacrifice…to give you more time to focus on achieving a goal?

Do you have tips on how you handle your top distractions?

I’ll love to read from you

Love, Peace and Cupcakes



37 thoughts on “6 Top Distractions: How to reduce its negative effect.

  1. I have found that To Do List really helps me with distractions. I check each off as I go. Some days I get them all checked and some days I don’t.

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  2. Morning blog reading. I can get through the morning prayers, washup, breakfast, even post breakfast kitchen cleaning, but then I sit down and find all those new posts just waiting to be read and any goal for that day is shot. Do a that a couple hundred times and suddenly it’s July. Had I ever considered paring down my subscriptions. Nope. I add instead. Well, there’s always next year.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m quite a listy person. This year I have put monthly targets on the notice board as well as ‘shopping’ lists and an annual one, which started as a new year resolutions goal. There have been health issues, daughter’s university/boyfriend issues to distract me. Really they’re all just excuses for being off task. Good post

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  4. Goals and resolution to achieve them are important. Totally agree with your point of distractions being inevitable. But one should always find a way back to complete the objectives.

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  5. Hi,
    I know Ritu.
    This was a good post. I frequently blog about iPhone apps. I just did Saturday. However, I blog about how to use them, not avoid them, LOL.
    I’m a blogging tips blogger. I blog over at http://mostlyblogging.com. I help new bloggers at my site. I also host 6 blog parties each month where you can meet new readers for your blog.


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