Pulse for June 2017

Whoop whoop! 

I’m glad we all got into June hale and hearty.

Before I got the ‘Mrs’ tag, May used to be my favourite month in the year (because my birthday is in may) and now, I love June too….totally spoilt for choice but anyway I’m glad it’s a new month and I love the positive vibes June is starting off with. It’s my traditional wedding anniversary today and church wedding anniversary on the 4th of June 2017. So, you see why I’m stuck between May and June.

June goals

Moving on, I thought about the plans I had for the blog in May..and I did pretty good. 

  • Pictures: I got to use nicer pictures from pixabay. I’m yet to start using pictures taken by me but it’s in the plan. Got recommendations to use pexels too.
  • Blog logo: I didn’t make any changes to the existing logo. I really didn’t get the nudge to do so. I’ll just leave that open.
  • Blog Readers/Reading Blogs: I got to read a lot of new blogs and followed new bloggers. I got some lovely followers too and I appreciate you all.
  • Social Media: Facebook still gives me a large number of viewings followed by wordpress reader. It’s really not easy putting up posts on all the available social media platforms but I try.

That’s a round up for May summary.

My Pulse for June will not focus on the blog alone. I have some new goals and I’ll put them here as a reminder.

  • Blog Scheduling

I tried something different last month. I challenged myself to put up a post on the blog every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. It was something I thought about and decided to give it a try….It worked. I still like to write on impulse and that is why it’s been difficult for me to write a post ahead of publish date. I prefer to write and publish on the same day. For June, I intend to continue publishing a post 4 days in a week and I hope it pans out well.

  • Health Goals.

You know how people say it’s better to write things on paper, well I’m going to write some health goals here and hope I stick to them.

  • Take a cup of green tea in the morning and last thing before bed. Is this okay, the before bed part?
  • Since working out in the morning is ruled out for me, I’ll work out for at least 25 minutes every evening. If I’m really tired, I’ll do 50 leg raises.
  • I’m not sure I will be interested in counting calories but I intend to take more veggies with my meals, take more fruits, avoid canned food and fries.
  • I totally dislike the smell of garlic but I’ll try to use it more.
  • Walk a lot more.

    Health is wealth remember?

    • Read paper back books

    I have mentioned at different times on the blog that I find it difficult to read paper back books. I prefer to read online so my best option is to download books I’m really interested in. 

    I hope this changes in june so I’ll consciously spend 2 hours everyday reading a  paper back book. Hopefully, I can complete one and write a review. Can you recommend a book?

    Just in:

    Quick update guys..

    Super excited because I just got notified by wordpress that it’s my 6 years anniversary on WordPress..it just makes me happy☺☺☺

    This is the first time I’ve actually paid attention to this…

    Anyway, let me know lovelies…

    What are your goals for the month?

    Are you reading any interesting book at the moment?

    Do you have health goals for the month?

    I’ll love to read about them, do share in the comment section.

    Love, Peace and Cupcakes


    12 thoughts on “Pulse for June 2017

    1. Great goals!!! My favourite books are The Goldfinch (Donna Tartt), Memoirs of a Geisha (Arthur Golden) and The Crimson Petal and the White (Michel Faber). What genres do you like? Then maybe I can think of some other recommendations Xx

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I just wrote out my goals for June a few days ago. It was nice to go back through my May goals and see how much I accomplished, and how close I came to some that I didn’t. It’s very motivating. Good luck with your goals this month and happy anniversary!


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