WordSearchSeries #13: Kerfuffle + Domestic Abuse

Hi hi

It’s a lovely rainy morning…just perfect for hump day. I could barely get out of bed to prep for work this morning but duty called and I had to answer….plus it’s the last day before my vacation starts so I guess I have to make today work for me.

For #WordSearchSeries today, I found Kerfuffle.


Does it even look like an English word?

Have you heard or used the word before?

It’s absolutely new to me so when I found it while reading the news online some days back, I had to check the meaning.

Here’s what I found:

Kerfuffle means a commotion or fuss, especially one caused by conflicting views.

For example, There was a Kerfuffle over the election results.

There you have it, kerfuffle can be interchanged with commotion, disturbance, disorder, disruption.

You should add kerfuffle to your vocabulary if you are yet to..and i’ll love if you send a link if you get to use it in a post on your blog.

Since we are already talking kerfuffle, we might as well just discuss Domestic Abuse for #WonderWednessday since it’s more or less some kind of commotion too.

News about domestic abuse is on the rise and every gender is affected. Men, women, young boys and girls but I’m wondering, what actions should be termed as domestic abuse.

I know that any form of violence is definitely frowned at all over the world but isn’t it crazy that some people stay back in abusive relationships and endure until it gets really drastic.

Abusive relationships are not just physical, there’s also emotional abuse that makes one feel less of a human being and reduces one’s self esteem.

So I hear people say leave after the first punch, don’t try to believe an abusive person will change etc and you know I agree with all that…

But I’m wondering…what about emotional abuse, the tongue is sharper than a 2 edged sword I hear….

Should people endure emotional abuse as well or just up and leave?

Share your thoughts Lovelies

I’ll love to read from you

Love, Peace and Cupcakes


9 thoughts on “WordSearchSeries #13: Kerfuffle + Domestic Abuse

  1. Learnt a new word from you today! Thanks for sharing, I will definitely be using this in one of my blog posts if it fits the context 😀


  2. English is not my first language so I’ll use that as an excuse for never hearing of the word kerfuffle before ahah
    Thank you for sharing its meaning and talking about domestic abuse, it’s such an important issue and I think that physical and emotional violence are equally wrong and must be punished harshly.

    Samantha | https://samanthacarraro.wordpress.com/


  3. The word itself is actually funny and I’ve heard of Kerfuffle at a TV show I watched before and said, what?? Well, now I know.

    As for abuse … in my opinion, regardless of what form it comes in, it still is very wrong. And while there are so many these days who have come forward to discuss this ongoing issue, I believe that we can still do more to raise awareness.


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