Pulse for February 2018

Is 2018 going by really fast or what?

As much as January really took it’s time, February is here and I am grateful as always.

The last time I wrote a ‘Pulse for a month’ post was in August 2017. Staying off writing my goals was not intentional but if you have been a reader for a while then you probably have an idea why I stopped.

From August last year, I got a whole new experience of what planning means and also had to learn how to handle your emotions when life interrupts your plans.

At the moment, I feel like things are gradually getting back to normal and the best way to find out is ‘to try’. So, here I am giving this a shot.

Just incase you have not read one of these on here, I basically share my monthly goals on the first of every month and look back on how I fared in the past month. It is a good way to monitor progress and leaving it here makes me accountable.

I have blogged since my last pulse post but here are some of the things I look forward to this month:

Self-love: February is the month of love and I am first an advocate for self-love before giving love. You basically need to have love before giving it. So, this is here as a reminder to do something for myself everyday in February. You should try it too.

Post Scheduling & Pictures: Because I like to write and post immediately an idea comes, it has been kind of difficult to write only what I have scheduled in my blog planner. This is not a bad thing as it just means I have more ideas. However, I intend to be intentional about sticking with my post schedule.

Asides using stock photos, I plan to get better at using my own images. Still trying a lot on my own, making mistakes and finding ways to correct them.

Phaytea's Pulse February Goals

Read a book: I am excited about the self imposed ‘Read One Book a Month’ challenge and I did pretty well in January. This month, I will be reading another book which I intend to share in a post later in the month.

Phaytea's Pulse

Personal Development: I am currently looking out for ways to improve my interests and skills. This will be continuous process will take a lot of research.

Indulge in a new past time: I am at work for like 8 hours every weekday but I intend to find a new interest. I feel like this is the best time because I do not currently have any telenovela or TV series I am following.

Health Goals: I shared my Lazy guide to a healthy lifestyle already but I will add staying off white bread in February 2018. I tried this in January but ended up having it twice. Every other health routine in my lazy guide.

Share you thoughts

Do you have short term goals for this month?

I will love to read from you

22 thoughts on “Pulse for February 2018

  1. About TV series, start with these and thanks me late
    Designated Survivor
    How To Get Away With Murder
    This is It (Family Drama)
    The Originals (if you love Vampires)
    Take note, they can become addictive.
    I always have a daily to do because that monthly to do can be overwhelming and undone, sometimes. But it’s always best to have defined goals, daily, weekly or monthly.


    1. Hi Debs..thanks for recommending these. I have been on and off with scandal…lots of people have told me I’ll love ‘This is it’…lol and I don’t mind if I get addicted…that’s the idea of having a favourite in my opinion.
      Daily goals are definitely important. These ones will be broken down daily and by the end of the month, I should have touched all the areas. Thank you for sharing your thoughts..hugsss

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  2. Great goals! I’ve found canva on my phone and laptop useful for getting ideas and tweaking photos for blog use. It’s definitely helped me move into using my own photos confidently to blog with.


  3. I think it’s a really nice idea to do something for yourself every day. It’s so easy to get wrapped up being busy with all kinds of things and not intentionally doing something good for yourself.


  4. Lists are great aren’t they? I find that if I don’t have everything written down I forget it until it’s too late. Love your reading goals. My aim is 20 books this yea and health wise I have to cut out fat as it cholesterol was a factor in my having a retinal haemorrhage last year and losing part of my sight. I also have work goals but don’t we all need those to earn a crust?
    Best wishes


  5. Great goals!!! I am right there with you on scheduling pictures and things. I have started this about a week ago and it really helps me stay on task!


  6. I also struggle with the balance between keeping to a blogging schedule/calendar and wanting to write posts as they come to me. This is definitely something I’ll be working on in February as well. 🙂 I would love to read a post about how you come up with ideas and create your blogging schedule! (Don’t mind me, just adding more ideas to your growing list. Haha!)


  7. I started reading more last year and plan to keep it up this year. My goal is actually to add more fiction into the mix. For some reason I got caught up in this idea that only non-fiction books were worth reading. So. Not. True.

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    1. I should probably explore as well in terms of the kind of books I read… I tend to stay away from horror / history books…A little mix shouldn’t be bad…Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jennifer, now I’m thinking towards your reading goal

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  8. I am pretty sure you’re gonna reach your goals this month, at least you will try your best. I have so many things on my mind right now so this month I am writing and re-writing my to-do lists and starting from scratch! Good luck to both of us!

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  9. It sounds a great goals dear, good luck and all the best for your goal this month. For this month I have a goal about post scheduling and pictures same to you dear. xo


    1. This is hilarious Jasmin….I eat way too much white bread (like l over do it) , so eating it only twice last month was kind of a big deal for me…
      I definitely won’t be hard on myself too (no one needs that kind of restriction) When I really want the bread feel, I go for wheat bread 🙄


  10. Lovely post! For sure writing down the goals helps you to achieve them! That’s why I post my New Year’s Resolution to blog every year and also share my progress through the year. I wish I could do this kind of monthly goals as well but my life is so hectic and busy it would be quite hard. Basically my goal for some busiest months is just survive through that one haha.

    What comes to scheduling content to blog. I usually write my ideas down to a schedule but if there something I really want to share right now I’ll just move some other posts to new days. I mean, I always have some content ready to go but if I figure out even better topic for some day I don’t always stick to the schedule. 🙂


  11. I too prefer immediate gratification when I’m posting! Lol. I recently went with a schedule now too and it’s gone well so far. I have given myself a little wiggle room if I wanted to change something, though. Good goals!


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