The Lazy Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

Overtime, my body size have gone from ‘oh Faith you’ve lost some weight’ to ‘Phaytea you’ve added weight again’ and back to Phaytea, are you on a keto diet? and then ‘Faith, you shouldn’t add so much weight, it will be worse when you start having kids’. It beats me that most people think it is safe to assume a healthy lifestyle means being a size 8.

One person even went ahead to say ‘Faith, You’ve lost some weight again, I hope there is no problem?.……and I am looking at him like…. (Just be thankful you are older than I am because I would have gone from Zero to hundred on you real quick). Recently though, it’s been ‘Phaytea, you are fine this way…don’t add weight anymore’…..Big Sigh..

Healthy Lifestyle

The strive to be civil is real guys and these unsolicited opinions do not make it easy but if you have read my about page, then you know being civil is something I consciously try to do.

While I am not one to climb on a scale to monitor my weight, spend hours at the gym or even count calories, I am very conscious about changes in my body and before it gets to the stage of discomfort, I start asking questions and finding a solution. From the slightest headache to stomach pain, I am always aware.

For me, a healthy lifestyle has never been about solely losing body weight and this is why I never get it when certain people engage in body shaming others or hounding other people. A healthy lifestyle should be about being conscious enough to notice when there are changes in your body, consciously making healthy choices and loving yourself the best way you can. 

Once you know you are making conscious decisions about your health on a daily basis, it will be easy to ignore the people who engage in body shaming others.  For a good part of it, not every slim person is in good health just as I know that being extremely big is detrimental to our health.

How about we just plan to lead a healthy lifestyle instead of focusing on numbers and body size?

How about we adopt daily routines that help us stay healthy?

If you are anything like me, then you must have at some point ditched difficult methods to staying healthy and looked for the easy way out. I mean, the fancy workout outfits are tempting but if you have tried and not succeeding at it, join me while I share my Lazy guide to a healthy lifestyle with you. 

I am even more persuaded to share as minutes ago, a colleague just played the ‘have you been working out’ card again. Honestly, i think my weight just has a mind of its own.

Create a daily healthy habit

A habit is something you should be able to do religiously without feeling overwhelmed. According to your strenght, think of any habit you can indulge in everyday that helps you achieve your goal of leading a healthy life.

Personally, my healthy habit is drinking a cup of green tea daily. I am at work 8 hours every weekday and before close of business, I am able to take at least 2 mugs of green tea. This is seamless for me and I do not even realize I am actually putting in work staying healthy. It is such a habit that I take it along with me to meetings and workshops. I also try to infuse lemon in my water but I have not been consistent in a while.

Walking is also a goos way to stay healthy. I get my fair share of walking everyday when I am at work and that is enough for me. Your daily health habit can be walking, skipping or even visiting the gym. Whatever you choose, just make sure it pushes you towards staying healthy everyday.

Meal Prep (Daily/Weekly)

One important factor in achieving a healthy lifestyle is being conscious of our food choices. Impromptu meals usually end up just being what is available so why not go ahead and consciously plan a meal weekly.

If you prefer to have your meals prepared fresh, then plan your meals daily. The trick is to avoid making impromptu food decisions. Plan, Plan, Plan.

Sign up for a Marathon (Yearly)

This is a new favorite for me as I joined my first marathon last year. I wrote about my experience here. It was supposed to be a 42 kilometres run but I ended up walking 24 kilometres at a stretch last year. 

Some people were obviously in it for the mouth watering prize money but my friends and I decided to turn it into a walk-athon. This was convenient for us, we walked at our own pace and that was a decision centred on a healthy lifestyle. 

There is another marathon being planned for February 2018 and I will most likely sign up to participate. Of course, I will be walking through it. If you can sign up twice a year and you feel up to it, then get your friends to tag along. You all can have fun while staying healthy together.

Youtube Yoga (Weekly)

When I started youtube Yoga, it was fun but painful. I liked the idea of the slow movement, holding your breath, your gaze, the twists and turns etc. I also liked that I could pause the video when I needed a breakf. (Do not judge me, this is a lazy guide to a healthy lifestyle).

With time, I became used to the techniques and did not have to watch a youtube video. Saturday mornings are my best time and I try to start immediately I say my morning prayers to avoid being distracted.

You should totally try youtube Yoga if you do not want the strict routine in a proper yoga class.

Go on a healthy treat (Weekly/Monthly)

For everyone who feels the need to splurge once in a while, a good option is spending on healthy food choices. 

Order a chicken ceasar salad, smoothie, parfait, vegetable wrap etc. The thrill is in having your healthy meals delivered to you and you will love giving your taste buds something different and healthy to savour. You can even look up the recipe and start making it yourself.

Healthy Lifestyle 

Go grocery shopping with a list of healthy items and stick to it(weekly).

Too many times, I have gone to buy fruits and vegetables but ended up throwing in some packs of Oreos and chocolates. This happens to the best of us and one way to make sure we do not end up with unhealthy items is writing out what we need and buying only those items.

If it helps, take cash to the mall and leave the cards at home. It is more tempting when you have a card and can afford to pay immediately without the thought of running out of cash. A healthy lifestyle requires discipline and you have to make the decision yourself.

Join Fitness Challenges on Social Media (Daily)

I have realised that one way to actually complete a task is when you are parricipating with other people. A lot of social media fitness accounts have made it possible for fitness enthusiast to sign up for health and fitness challenges.

You can keep yourself motivated by recording videos while you do your squats or push-ups and get people to like/ comment on your post. This is a fun way to live a healthy lifestyle without being bored.

Snack on fruits or healthy bars (Daily)

If you are anything like me then nibbling on junk is something you love to do. I love to nibble before meals, after meals and not making the right choices will have a bigger repercussion.

If you like to nibble on snacks, invest in fruits and healthy snack bars. They are a better option than cookies and chocolates. This includes substituting fizzy drinks for water. Sounds impossible but very helpful for a healthy lifestyle.

Dance/Aerobics (Weekly)

Dancing is one lazy work out routine that encourages a healthy lifestyle. Everyone loves to dance and you do not have to be really good at it to be involved.

Burst a move while doing your chores, find time to just dance, choreograph to music videos. My best choreography to do is Beyonce’s single ladies and flawless.

Oh! And I love dancing to Shakira’s ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ as well. Dancing is pretty much a fun way to stay healthy so try it sometime.

Indulge your taste buds (Monthly).

I had to save this one for last as one cannot really go for a long time before craving some of those tasty junk food.

Intentionally take yourself on a treat and indulge. It is called ‘cheat day’ for a reason so get ready to start your healthy routine once that day is over. Doing this once a month is safe and your cheat day can double as bonding time with friends or a day out at the movies.

Healthy lifestyle

There is one more routine that christains can take advantage of,  It is called Fasting. If you feel up to it, join your church schedule and participate. Fasting gives you time to communicate with God and stay healthy at the same time. 

If you are ever bothered about retaining a healthy lifestyle, you should pick up some of these activities. Before the year ends, you will realize how much you have done for yourself health wise by doing so little.
This year, encourage yourself to lead a healthy lifestyle even if you plan to do it the lazy way.

Share your thoughts

What healthy habits do you adopt?

What are you health goals for this year?

I will love to read from you

22 thoughts on “The Lazy Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Oh I just love your lazy guide to healthy lifestyle! Really great and easy-to-follow tips! I drinks tons of tea daily (green and herbal) and do 5-10 minutes of intensive workout. I’d love to lose some weight by the end of February…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! Those are all fantastic ideas for building healthy habits. I love Yoga with Adriene on You Tube. It’s the perfect balance for my marathon training. I’ve run Comrades twice– made me fall in love with Africa and want to visit the whole continent!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had my first Marathon last year and I liked it. Good to know you are interested in visiting…I will check out Yoga with Adriene for my next yoga session. Thank you for sharing Karen


  3. Planning my meals and cooking at home are definitely the healthiest habits I’ve picked up by far. Healthy, home cooked meals are truly the way to go if weight loss is the goal. Also, doing short, intense workouts is the second healthiest habit I have. Instead of toiling for an hour or more on the treadmill, I do 15 to 30 minute HIIT workouts at home. This has helped me enjoy fitness and lose belly fat.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. YouTube yoga is my favorite lazy hack for a healthy lifestyle! It’s so much easier to work out when I can just roll out a mat still in my pajamas and turn on a video. All your tips are great–I love the focus on balance when it comes to food. Indulging once in a while keeps us on track in the long run!


  5. Check out yoga with Adrienne, she’s so so talented & she’s got wonderful tutorials on her YT channel – that’s what I do, when I feel like it haha. I’m just as lazy as you are, but surprisingly fit without doing anything 😀


  6. What a lovely and thorough list you have here, Phaytea! I love how you have included different kinds of sports and other activities as well. It’s good that you’re having all those healthy daily / weekly habits, when it’s a habit instead of diet there is a bigger change that you’ll carry on in a long run too. Have a happy and healthful year!


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