Simple Guide to having a Daily Blog Routine.

The best thing about having a routine is the seamless flow it accords us daily, weekly or even monthly. Routines help us know what activities need to be done ahead of time. We have routines for the baby, for our meals, for working out e.t.c. If our blogs are half as important as these other things, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a daily blog routine as well.

While routines can be so boring, it is encouraged to still prepare a checklist for our daily activities. We might not strictly adhere to the timing but it allows us prioritise and still get things done eventually.

Daily Blog Routine

One of those things that SHOULD be done daily is spending productive time on our blogs. Time spent should cut across our content, statistics and even subscribers. I already mentioned that routines can be boring but the trick is to ensure you love what you are getting involved with.

In the same way, love your blog, spend time tweaking it daily, Never leave your blog unattended even if you will not be publishing a new article. To help with you cover important areas of your blog daily, here is a list of action items I try to add in my daily blog routine:

  • Approve pending Comments.

Who else gets excited when there is a new comment to approve? I feel like comment notifications excites me more than any other social media notification. If your comment settings does not require you to approve comments, then skip to the next one.

  • Reply Comments Immediately

So I have noticed how difficult it is to come back to reply comments once I leave it for later. If you are not extremely busy, just reply comments immediately you approve it. Early feedback shows you take your blog readers seriously and you appreciate their contribution. However, do not beat yourself up if you do not reply early. Just make sure you get it done at some point in the day.

  • Check the Readers that subscribe to your blog

I do not know what criteria you use to build a relationship with your readers but I like to check and follow blogs that subscribe to my blog. It is even more impactful when the blog has a really small number of followers but there is useful content. If a reader has dropped a comment on your blog, i feel like it is nice to check out their blog as well. No one likes to have their reader filled with blogs that does not belong to their niche buy then again support anyone who supports your blog. A follow, like or comment goes a long way to encourage startup bloggers.

Daily Blog Routine

  • Live on your Insights Page

OK! Not literally but as a blogger you should be interested in which country your readers are, what posts have the highest attention, your views, ranking etc. Make use of whichever plugin you have to monitor your blog reading. Compare the views from previous years, daily views etc

  • Read and Edit your most recent/old blog posts

The good thing about this is getting to find those little tenses that need to be corrected. Always go over your previous posts, update them with new ideas/facts etc

  • Publicise your posts

I already mentioned it is a bad idea to stay away from your blog completely. Publicise both old and new Posts across your social media accounts. Use new catchy call to action, hashtags and tag media accounts that help publicise posts.

  • Check for Spam Comment

I like to leave this one until much later in the day. This give time for more comments to drop. A lot of times, I find genuine comments in my spam and of course a lot of bot comments. Delete the bot comments permanently and un-spam the reasonable comments so that you can approve it.

  • One more for the road guys!!!

Open your blog and just leave it on your tab. Admire your blog, think of the changes it needs, just be your blogs most returning reader/visitor. This is me everyday and I love the feeling of owning a blog.

Writers block (whatever that means to you) is not a reason to stay away from your blog. Use the time to tweak things on your blog and let your readers know you are online.

Share your thoughts

What is that thing you always do on your blog everyday?

Do you have more tips to share?

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31 thoughts on “Simple Guide to having a Daily Blog Routine.

  1. Great piece full of useful advice. I have been blogging for almost 1 year and don’t yet have a daily routine. I really like the idea of updating old posts and hope to start doing at least one each week. Thanks for your tips. Jill

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  2. All tips are very relevant and will work. I recently started a blogging calendar and like you mentioned, I am much more aware of the content I am writing and what category is it going to. Promotion, comments and engagement go a long way in maintaining a blog. It’s like having a second job. Thank you for making me think that I am on the right path. 🙂

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  3. Good advice and part of me thinks routine might be the wrong word. I know it us a routine by the strictest definition, but I also write books. I fall into a hobby bracket which is very unhealthy if blogging or writing is to be a serious thing. I’m considering treating then as work. By that the priority shifts from hobby into something that moves up the pecking order. In writing we refer to it as forming a habit. Something you do by default, that stacks ahead of the general routines of chores. I think that’s what you meant by saying routines can be boring. Might be why I don’t refer to it as a routine even if it actually is!
    Great post and very helpful.

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    1. Hi Gary…Thank you for the very detailed contribution…I guess if you love your blog doing all this will automatically become a hobby/habit…
      For me, routines can get somewhat tiring unless I genuinely love what it is i am doing.
      I never understand how some of us get a ‘writers block’ and stay away from their blog for so long. I guess that is were this post comes in…There should be something to do on the blog daily even if you don’t feel like writing. You are clearly a very consistent and enthusiastic writer so this comes easy for you…if I do say… Thanks again Gary.☺

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      1. If I’m going to comment then I do try and make it worthwhile, especially since most put time into posts…or it could be I love engaging bloggers too! Yes, that’s why I separated my version of routines. I never look at things I like doing as routines, that’s the domain of vacuuming!! I have little choice but to stay off the blog, sometimes, like recently, it’s a few months. I write and that consumes time so blogging just has to get put on the back burner. I have to be wary though because dropping habits is all too easy. This is probably the first weekend since November that I’ve participated in Social Saturday. That’s said I’m pleased to have written 110k words and a book since then. Now I’m aiming to treat the blog to some TLC.


  4. Lovely guide! I always check and answer comments. I also check my other social accounts daily. Additionally, I try to take some time to checking my schedule for upcoming days and making sure I’ve all the materials either done and that I’ve scheduled when I’ll do the shooting, writing, editing, etc. I try to keep my blog schedule ahead with at least 1-3 weeks so that if the writer’s block hits I’m not having issues as long as it doesn’t last too long. 🙂


  5. These are wonderful tips! I definitely need to improve replying the comments, I used to be on top of it but after the surgery it just went to downhill haha. It’s one of my blogging goals for 2018 tbh 😀


  6. I have similar routine. I have my blog dashboard always opened because I always work something. Even as a hobby, blogging is like a full time job. I’m trying always replay at the comments immediately. My biggest struggle is social media, I have had hard time to publishing always something.


  7. Tbvh of all the things you mentioned here, the only one I actively participate in is enjoying my blog site. Like just sit and admire the outlook. The reason I even visit a couple of times in a day.
    There was a time I screenshot the home page every other week as I had the habit of changing themes monthly out of sheer boredom. So I have these folder where I saved transitions of my blog page outlooks! 😍❤️❣️
    You’re right about checking out the new follows. I try to go through their blog pages too and if I don’t follow back because of outrightly different niche from mine. I make sure to drop a couple of comments on their posts I at least relate with. I find that this helps good of their image of “the blogger of the blog they followed”. (I’ve had positive comments relating to this, esp those I don’t follow back)
    Idle head

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    1. You got to love your blog dear…that’s the only way you’ll want to make it look better. Now that you mentioned, I wish I took pictures of how it looked before now….it’ll be nice to write a blog transition post…Thank you for contributing and have a lovely week.. Hugssss

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  8. I love connecting with my followers as well. I find that most of them are interested in similar things like myself. So we form like a little online hub and always run into each other on our sites. It’s great! Love all your tips actually 💞😘😘. Thanks for Sharing!


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