Delay is not Denial

*Dust cobwebs*
I consciously came in here today…and omg…..the post from September 2012 brought me close to tears…..

Instead of crying though, i found myself thanking God for his countless favour. That day in September 2012, i was not very happy, i was moody and all because i needed one prayer request to be answered.

Even though what i needed did not come until after another year, the fact remains God answered my prayer (not at my time) but at the time he knows is best for me.

This actually taught me that waiting for God’s time is really just a test of your faith, patience being the keyword and praying continously.

Ever notice how once one pray
er request is answered, we quickly remember there is something else on the list we want God to do for us?

I can say that i am a testimony of God’s wonders and even though i have a thousand and one things on my list for God to take care of, i just see myself trusting him fully and waiting for his time (not a coincidence that my name is Ogechi)

Group hug for everyone who is waiting on God for something…..
Be happy, have faith and wait for his time πŸ™‚

Ps: This is fun….i should try to come in here a lot more

Peace, love and Cupcakes


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