Random Musing

This is bad…I havent been here all year and april is almost over.

*sigh…….anyways happy new year guys and shout out to those who have already broken their resolutions for 2014. Not judging o, just saying i totally understand…afterall we are human.

So a lot has happened….good, bad, ugly, shocking, devastating, we’ve lost some, gained some, still expectant,  waiting for that breakthrough etc….but in all, we still stand strong. 

If we are able to see a new day in good health, then thats enough reason to stay hopeful.

Just remember to say a prayer for Nigeria (i know, I know…we’ve been praying for God knows how long) but then if we stop will things get any better?

Right…so say that prayer, stay thankful and remain hopeful…

Peace, love and plenty cupcake




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