Hi hi!!!!!

See what I did there? 😉😉😉

Phayview is actually just phaytea’s view.

Another content for Phaytea’s Pulse where I get to review everything I think is interesting and share links so you can indulge too..Generous much???😉😉

Phayview will include:

  • books I read (yes read, I will try to read paper back books and allow ebooks rest)
  • Taste buds adventure 
  • Movies
  • Telenovela (Episode 66 of Maid in Manhattan got me teary eyed. I promised to write it on any of my social media account and Phaytea’s Pulse won plus lalo is such a sweet kid), 
  • Music
  • You tube videos
  • Illustrations
  • Articles by other bloggers

Phayview posts will either contain a full review or a link to the original source with just a summary from me.

I do not like too many things but if I say something is good then you best believe.

Peace, Love and Cupcakes