4 Things to do with your Dreams

Are you one of those people who take dreams seriously? I mean the literal ‘dream’ you have when you ‘fall asleep’.

When I was much younger, mum would always ask me ‘what I dreamt about’ every morning. Some days, I recount fuzzy details about a cartoon I watched during the day or conversations I had with my friends at play time. Those were usually the kind of dreams I had as a kid.

With time, my dreams started having a different turn. It went from play time memories, scences from cartoon or movie characters to clearer real life situations/images. Some were pretty cool, others were weird or quite confusing. Not to forget the dreams that leave you feeling recharged and ready to pursue the ‘situations’ you saw.

With this new dimension to the dreams I started having, the need to share my dreams grew stronger and I was literally always looking forward to bed time just to find out what my dream for that night would be. For the days when I was scared to fall asleep, I will shamelessly go sleep with my parents or ask mum to stay with me till I fall asleep.

Presently, I understand that it is important to remember my dreams, share it with someone, or at least do something about it. Of course, I have to choose someone who I really trust to share dreams with and for a long time it has always been my mum. This is largely because she has been my ‘go to’ person for all things advice, prayer and inspiration.

I just love the moments when we start dissecting the meaning of a dream either of us had. It is usually like an exercise that settles us into our reality. It reminds us to make positive affirmations and of course denounce whatever reeks of negativity.

This exercise is almost a norm now and while trying to figure out my dream the other day, I was left wondering how other people react to the dreams they have.

I like to believe that everybody dreams and it is largely made up of clear or not so clear images, ideas or events that we may or may not be able to understand. Everyone has a unique way to handle the dreams they have, but for the sake of the thoughts in my head, I will be sharing pointers on how I work around mine:

  • Share your dream with a confidant.

Personally, i feel like you should not keep your dreams to yourself especially if you do not understand what it means. A confidant is someone who understands you and your goals and probably follows you on a journey to self discovery. He or she could have more experience and can help you figure out things you do not understand. The whole process of trying to find the underlying meaning of a dream is one you should not do alone, unless you have it all figured out.

  • Pray about the dreams you have.

For a long time, I have believed that being aware of the dreams we have is important for intuitive thinking and our real life situations. Like I mentioned in On Noticing Behavioural Change and Instincts, we need to look out for signs that can help us ‘put a puzzle together’.

Basically, if a dream is about being successful, you naturally tend to ‘claim’ that dream as yours. Praying for the manifestation of that ‘good’ dream can simply be done by telling God to help you ‘seal the deal’ in reality. However, words of affirmation can also come in handy. Just remember to speak positively.

Likewise, if it is a bad dream, we tend to denounce it by telling God to cancel it’s negative implication. Dreams are just one the ways things are revealed to us and we can get the signs if we pay close attention.

  • Write out your dreams

While we sleep, our mind replays most activities we were involved in during the day. This explains why to a large extent, our dreams are made up of the people we had conversations with, the movie we watched before bed, the thoughts we had before we fell asleep and other experiences.

In my opinion, every adult should be able to remember his/her dreams but this is clearly not the case (I forget mine sometimes).

If not anything, dreams give us subtle signs of what to expect, confirms our doubts or even give clues to unanswered questions. Dreams are too important to ignore and that is why we should write them down for the purpose of reference and follow up.

  • Do things that align with the dreams you have.

I would have loved to say pursue your dreams but that would sound so cliché. Naturally, we cannot pursue all the dreams we have at once because not all dreams will be beneficial.

Pick the dreams that sell ‘success’ and start working towards it. The signs are always there. If you consistently dream about driving a car, maybe it is the sign you need to learn how to drive.

Dreams usually emanate from our thoughts or activities in the day, so connecting our dreams and reality actually stems from just being aware.

Share your thoughts

Do you take dreams seriously?

What do you do with the dreams you have?

I will love to read from you

5 thoughts on “4 Things to do with your Dreams

  1. I take my dreams extremely seriously. Like next level seriously. I also think universum is leaving signs about everything (& no I don’t think that about everything haha). I only tend to remember the nightmares.
    Once, I had a dream where I was drove over by a truck in one of the crossroads in my hometown. Next day, I was in the same crossroads & a van almost hit me. Next year, there was a roundabout(?).
    I had a dream about someone close to me dying, wasn’t able to see their face but it left me so uncomfortable. Few days after that I found out I was pregnant, then I had a dream where J was holding a baby & when I moved closer it was an empty blanket. Few weeks after that I miscarried.
    In May 2016 I started having dreams about cemetary & there were black crows everywhere. May 25th I was preparing myself for an entrance exam and found a dead crow from our balcony around 8 in the morning and thought it was a sign for me not passing the exam (well I didn’t). After my exam my mum called me and told me my great-grandmother had died around 8 in the same morning.
    I strongly believe every dream has a meaning. I strongly believe the universe is giving us signs from different things, for me most of my dreams have come true – if that’s okay way to put it, as they’re nightmares. Those are all I can remember, but I’ve got everything written down on my notebook.
    Though, there was one exeption. A week before I found out I was pregnant with D, I had a dream about this toddler girl with curly hair, with a deep brown eyes telling me things she had done in the past 2 years. She told me what she had painted, how she loved to sing and how she helped a lost little boy to find his family.
    This happened for three nights in a row & on the fourth night, she said she had to go. She said that I’d be happy soon & she waved to me exactly like D waves me now.

    Oh wow, this made me emotional. I could write a post about this hahah!


  2. Super post, Faith. Most of my dreams are irrational but so real I have a hard time separating them frpm real life! Thankful Thursday


  3. I pay attention to my dreams but I do not take them seriously like I used to. I was one of those who was writing my dreams in the middle of the night if i wake up in that moment etc. And I was always looking for a meaning. But after I had experienced something crazy while I was sleeping (can’t even write about it) I stopped writing them and analyzing them. Now, as I am a firm believer in God, Universe and the law of attraction, I think what we will dream is based on our thoughts and vibration that we are having right before we fall asleep. our dreams are indicators of our vibration – if you understand me. 😀

    Loved reading this post. 🙂


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