How to Choose the Perfect Blog Name + Fun Blog Name Convenience Test 

The process of choosing the perfect name for your blog or business is one that alot of us have a problem achieving and this is one of the reason you find blogs rebranding. 

To some people it comes easy, but for those who have had to re- brand and re-brand and might still re-brand in future, there will be very interesting pointers to help in this post.

Some weeks ago while working on a  website, I realised the importance of having a blog name that is convenient….not just for the blog owner but for potential and returning readers as well.

I had typed the clients blog name (without the .com) in the google search bar and the first page gave me results as expected but none led me to the clients website or even social media accounts.

This was not convenient for me because I had to then type the address in full and I did this every other time I had to visit the website. URGHH!! Does anyone actually type a website address in full?

Asides being time wasting, it is definitely not good for the blog visibility. You should be able to search for your blog name and get an instant link on the first result page. My experience is the basis for sharing my thoughts on how to choose a blog/business name.

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Before you choose a blog name, you need to consider these pointers below:


Think clearly about what you can talk about without running out of ideas. 

You can get this from your hobby, past time, skill or current job. This is also where you decide on a Niche. For example Aviation, Food, Marine, Children, Relationship etc 

Play around a keyword or two that easily suggests your niche. So if your blog is about Aviation, play with keywords like, Travel, Air, Fly, Flight.

Remember to be creative about your choices. You blog name should represent your brand/interest.


Think about the people who will read your content. You can decipher by relating your interests with the age range of people that will likely engage in such activities.

For example, if you will be writing about Aviation, you can imagine that more men (from 25 above) will dominate your blog audience or maybe a mix of both gender.  If you write about child care, then more women/mums will naturally tilt towards your blog.

The idea is to think of a blog name that is gender friendly and does not suggest male readers or female readers alone unless of course that is the focus point of the blog. 


Once you have been able to figure out your audience, think about how you want your content and blog name to sound. You will need your blog name to be etched in the mind of your readers because that is the only way they can instantly return to your blog without having to check your social media pages for a link.

Do you want to sound chatty or formal? Do you want to sound playful or serious? Bits of humor? Faith?

Your blog name should be unique and easy to remember but must also be able to cut across all age range.

For example, A blog reader in her mid fifties would most likely pass a blog with a name such as ‘fierce and freaky’ but will relate more with ‘fun and fabulous’.

Your blog name should not discourage potential readers from visiting your blog.

To be safe, try to use light words that suggest your content but still relatable to everyone.

Phaytea's Pulse, Blog name


This is the part where you decide to just play it safe by using your name alone, keywords or using keywords with your name (or nickname) inclusive.

I especially like this one because it is all encompassing. It does to restrict you but allows you explore different niches until you build one you are comfortable with.

One important tip for being neutral will be inculcating a Tagline that briefly describes what your blog is about.

Think about Future Plans

A blog name does not have to be just ‘a name for your blog’. It could eventually become a brand/business name. While you think of name, consider if you will ever want to start a business away from writing/blogging.

This would be the best time to think about merging your business ideas with your blogname (website). Ensure that whatever name you choose does not limit you to just writing or blogging.

However, If you decide you will like to be known by several brand names, then by all means limit your blog name to suggest only blogging or writing.

Finally, try out the Convenience Test

This is done to simply find out what you are up against on the internet when you eventually settle with a name.

Prior to trying this test, you must have thought about two or three names you can pick from.

Test – Type in the word/words in the google search bar just to be sure your name of choice is not yet taken. It also helps you figure out what websites use the keywords you plan to use.

Now this is my favourite – You should  totally type your current blog name without the ( .com) in the google search bar. If your website or social media link appears on the first result page, then your blog name has passed the Convenience Test.

Your blog name should not be changed frequently as it affects growth. If you have to rebrand, then make sure you are bringing new services to the table and not just doing a name change. Make the comeback remarkable.

I must add that you should not make name changes on your blog without proper research. Think long and hard about it, make sure you are convinced and it meets all the area that represents you and your brand. All the pointers above should be in sync to enable you choose a blog name that is unique.

And finally, if you are asked to explain why you chose your blog name, have a befitting answer.

Share your thoughts

Are you comfortable with your blog name?

Have you had to change your blog name recently?

Was it difficult to choose a blog name?

I will love to read from you

13 thoughts on “How to Choose the Perfect Blog Name + Fun Blog Name Convenience Test 

  1. This was the reason I had to rebrand. My blog url was a name of a person that wasn’t too familiar and my blog name was something else. It shouldn’t matter I guess, but my blog name is a bit catchy so it sticks to the head. This makes whenever someone refers to my blog, I say the “blog name” thinking they only want to identify with it. Instead they immediately try to search the blog name as url. Then complain how it wasn’t popping anything.
    Again, the url I initially used had an ambiguous spelling format against the pronunciation, so I always had to spell it when someone asks for the url.

    Blog names and URLs really do matter in branding!

    Idle head

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yesso. I tested the convenience test too. My mouth was just agape when it didn’t show up on the first and second result. Then I scrolled and saw it, and just gave a sigh of relief.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This is so useful, someone who wants to start as a blogger. I’m not a long in the biosphere, but every time when I read something is a new experience. I didn’t know about this test but, I’ll try it out for sure 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sometimes I’ve been thinking that the name of my blog is a little hard for people to remember and type correct (it’s always dream achiever or something close but not quite right). Sometimes I’ve thought of changing it but on the other hand it’s very me and I love the message in it. So, I’ve just decided to deal with the fact it’s not the easiest one.


  4. I can remember my first blog name it was absolutely awful – I had one name for my twitter, another for my instagram another for my blog and then last year I decided to re-brand everything and have one name for all the branches under my tree! Best decision i’ve made for my blog I think!

    Liked by 1 person

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