One Cost Saving Lifestyle Tip for the New Year.

My heart beats for something entirely different today and I am excited to share just as much as I am excited about this new cost saving lifestyle tip I seem to be interested in. 

Warning: It is going to be a ‘one foot in first’ kind of situation so expect rookie mistakes.

Last year, I made several passing comments about wanting to learn how to get my make up done professionally. 

If I remember correctly, then the most recent nudge to do this was in this post where I shared my make up look to a friends wedding….. yes, I am talking about make up on the blog.

For ladies in Nigeria and maybe other parts of the world, your look is never complete until you have that ‘well beat’ face (I should have said something about a ‘slay-ed face’ but the word now gives me an intense feeling of repulsion) to go with a lovely outfit. 

Apparently, for everytime there is an important event to attend, your style plan should include makeup, outfit, acessories etc. All this can be expensive and it will really help if you can do one or more of these things yourself. 

However, if you will be at the mercy of a stylist, then that translates to spending extra cash which can be used for other things. I feel like the most painful part is when you have to wash off your make up after splurging to get it done, considering you can always wear your outfit and accessories again.

Thinking about it, I kind of envy the ladies who cannot be bothered about getting make up done (or may be I don’t) but I figured if I will need professional make up done for some events, why don’t I just learn how to do my own make up?

And that is the cost saving tip I have to share. If make up matters to you, learn to get your make up done properly. In addition, make up artists make good cash from their craft so it is a good source of income once you acquire the skill.

Technically, You tube has made life so easy and that is why this year, I am going to put in effort to learn how to get my make up done. This will help me save some cash and probably allow me worry only about outfits when there is a really fancy event I need to attend. I am not quite sure if I want to learn through youtube or get a tutor but I look forward to when I can keep my extra cash for me

Suffice to say these thoughts made me resolve to get some basic make up products and the perfect opportunity came during the Black Friday Sale in November. It was also good timing as I had almost run out of my previous brand of foundation.

I ordered a couple of make up items from Jumia as the prices were competitive. I also had to check a lot of reviews on Youtube before I picked from the brands available. The first delivery attempt was a flop so I re-ordered and these came through. 

Here is my first ever conscious make up haul:

Phaytea's Pulse, L A Girl Pro Foundation
LA Girl Pro Coverage Illuminating Foundation
Concealer, Phaytea's Pulse
Elf Complete Coverage Concealer
Primer Zaron Phaytea's Pulse
Zaron Face Primer
Brush Phaytea's Pulse
7 Set Professional Makeup Brushes

I used the L A Girl Pro Foundation for the first time today and I love it.

I have my thoughts about the product already and will be reviewing it soon so be sure to check back if you are interested.

Share your thoughts

What other basic make up item should I add to my collection?

What brands do you use?

Do you care about getting professional makeup done for fancy events?

I will like to read from you

14 thoughts on “One Cost Saving Lifestyle Tip for the New Year.

  1. I would for my wedding, or something else important like if I had a special role in a friend’s wedding, but usually I just do my own or sometimes a friend has done it. I am not really good at it or anything, I guess my friends and I never have – we just help each other out or do our own. Great idea for saving money!

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  2. You have taken the first best step. Try to get some eye shadow too so you can start practicing your eyeshadow game.

    I leant my make up via YouTube and it really helped. You’d do well with YouTube and gradually you’d stock up more products and soon become a pro 😉

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  3. I’d add a basic lipstick to the basics 🙂 I always use NYX (i’m having a blackout…) matte lip creams (?), they’re lovely 🙂 good luck to your makeup journey 🙂

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  4. I’m having my wedding next summer and I’m quite sure I’ll use professional makeup artist just to make sure I’ll get a look that will last the whole day. I know that me and my friends are quite talented too but in very special occasions I still trust more in professionals.

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