5 Quick and Easy Goals you can be Decisive About.

Happy New Year!!!!!

It’s the first post this year and I am excited we made it to a New Year. The past year was a perfect example of ‘Two sides of the coin’. Some days were extremely exciting and other days were just uncertain and it left me unsure about life.

But look who’s here…Me….You….All Grateful and Happy.

I really like that saying that goes ‘When there is life, there is hope’. Try not to allow anything that went wrong last year pull you down. You are an achiever and a Survivor (At least I know I am).

As the New Year begins, let’s resolve to start it with a different and conscious attitude. We probably have a lot of goals for the year but I will like to share five goals we should definitely add to our list.

As i always say, Goals should realistic and broken down into smaller parts.  These quick and easy goals cuts across all areas in our life and if we really want a wholesome New Year, I feel like we should get involved in one of these activities:

Self Care/Decluttering

So we have heard about self care on and on again but have we really done anything about it? I recommend you grab a pen and paper and write out everything and everyone that have pulled you backwards this past year. 

Start with checking your phone contact, avoid every relationship that could be toxic, Declutter your space, it will help you think clearer. Pick a weekend to clear stuff, your make up purse, your kitchen, empties etc.

By the end of this exercise, you should feel really free and accessible to everything that makes you live a better life. Best of all is seeking to think clearer. Stay away from Negativity.

Learn a New Recipe

Food will always be a part of life and variety is definitely the spice of life. 2018 should be that year you try out new recipes. 

If you cannot find a recipe book, the Internet has made it very easy to find food recipes from other countries. So, explore variations in small quantity until you find new recipes that soothe your tastebuds.

Bake, Steam, Roast, Fry and be creative.

Sign up for a course before due date.

Now this takes extra planning and you will have to research and make financial commitments. However, it is important to invest in personal development so set a 3 or 4 months timeline answer work towards saving up for a course.

Courses do not always have to be strictly work/career related. Learn a new skill like photography, graphics design, fashion designing etc

Read Treasure Trove of Skills

Be Thankful to People who have been helpful.

True story guys, I have realised this past year that good relationships are important for living a meaningful life. We all need eachother to survive and being thankful is the perfect way to let your friends and family know you appreciate them.

This year consciously say ‘ Thank You’ to friends and family who have been supportive. 

Plan a trip and create memories

Like most fun activities, this will require planning and financial commitment. Start early to plan a trip. If you want to go minimal, start with exploring the state you live in. 

You will be suprised at how much you discover just from touring. A good way to this is joining tourist companies that organise group trips. Decide to go alone and make new friends or go with family/friends.

Writing out goals and resolutions are a good way to start the year, but remember to break goals into smaller bits and works towards achieving them.

Share your thoughts

What goals have you consciously set for this year?

I will love to read from you.

14 thoughts on “5 Quick and Easy Goals you can be Decisive About.

  1. I think that expressing gratitude to the people that have helped you is so important, after all it pays to be kind to those who who care about you. But I also think that we should try and be kind to everyone, I like doing random acts of kindness sometimes 🙂 x

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  2. Lovely goals! I’ll for sure try couple recipes and travel to create some memories. I love the way you approached this topic and instead of sharing of your goals you gave readers some tips on easily achievable targets. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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