Reflections: Life Lessons from 2017.

How did you spend New Year’s Eve?

Starting my day in church was an amazing decision. I also love the fact that Sunday is the last day in 2017 and it feels somewhat special.

During the service, I reflected so much that I even shed a few tears. I remembered my Dad and every other event that came with the second half of 2017.

There was no way I was going home all emotional so I decided I needed a treat and headed to the mall. 

A movie, popcorn, red velvet doughnut and yoghurt forest icecream later, I was not so moody but aware and Thankful for how my year went.

Phaytea's Pulse

I finally watched The Wedding Party 2 and a review should be on the blog next year.

2017 taught me so much, it came with a lot of lessons and I had no choice but to LEARN (even when I was not ready). In all, I am Thankful I was able to draw strenght from everyone that reached out and every inspirational words I heard and read.

Here are the major lessons I learnt from 2017 and I know that the next year will be so much easier to handle. I am totally hopeful.

  1. There will always be challenges but we will pull through.
  2. These challenges happen so that we can discover our purpose.
  3. Life is Beautiful if we live intentionally.
  4. Loyalty determines Family not blood.
  5. 2017 got me to draw a lot closer to God.
  6. I learnt to pay close attention to my instincts.
  7. 2017 made me realise how important it is to create beautiful memories.
  8. Keep your circle small guys. I cannot be happier that I do not have friendship drama to worry about.
  9. A supportive family is everything.
  10. Live a life of Gratitude.
Phaytea's Pulse
2017 Summary on Instagram

I feel like it helped that I had a Gratitude Challenge in December 2017. It made me consciously write out everything that I am grateful for and I am happy I was involved with that.

2017 will be over in a bit. Some countries are already in the New Year but whichever, Stay hopeful, better days are ahead and take care of yourself.

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What lessons did you learn from 2017?

8 thoughts on “Reflections: Life Lessons from 2017.

  1. Lovely post! I love your lessons, all of them are very important ones. ❤️ The first one is my favorite that’s the one that has kept me going. There might be plenty of challenges in life but nothing is impossible. As long as we keep working hard and believing ourselves we can achieve anything. Happy 2018!

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  2. You had an wonderful year dear! I have learned once again that everything happens for a reason and nothing stays the same! Lessons well learned! Happy New Year!

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