Why Women should Support other Women.

If I get a penny for everytime I hear people talk about how women should support other women, I should be a millionaire.

Sad that we are not on our way to becoming millionaires just from you reading this or me writing about this. However, you should definitely read on just so we can share our thoughts on this issue.  

As much as this is talked about , we are not there yet. What do we do with the information we get? Do we support each other when we are required to? A lot of people do not like competition and this is one reason women never support each other. 

I once saw a tweet that read ‘if women were countries there won’t be physical wars just a bunch of countries not talking to eachother’. This is so relatable and I agree. 

Women supporting women

Days ago, I went out to support a friend who started an outreach for less privileged girls. It was amazing to see a number of us come together just to help achieve a vision that will be beneficial to everyone.

At the end of our outreach, I felt fulfilled and this was honestly a win – win situation. I had learnt so much about the less privileged as this was my first time outing (indepth post will be coming up shortly).

Phaytea's Pulse

Earlier today, I was privy to some discussions about showing support and it got me all riled up. Actually, when you are in a lot of female groups, discussions like this tends to come up and well just maybe one more talk about empowering each other is needed.

Healthy Competition is Safe.

I believe the first thing that gets women worried about supporting each other is competition. Nobody wants to share success tips, you would not buy products from friends or support an idea they are working towards achieveing.

The sky is truly big enough and if anything, competition should trigger you to do better. So while you work on your skill or trade, be happy for the next woman who is doing well in hers.

Gain Knowledge or Be an Inspiration.

One way to grow is being able to learn from those who have done something before you and succeeded. This means, throw jealousy out of the window and actually support other women with the intention to learn something new.

In the same light, if you have a lot of useful information in your niche, share same if you are asked or you feel up to it. Be an Inspiration to people and support just by giving out useful information.

Women are a Force.

 I do not know how this happens but when women come together to get things done, they see it through. What better way to achieve your goals than having a bunch of women who share the same ideas with you. Supportive women makes the dream work and every woman needs a team that can actually show up when it’s time.

Basically, pick your team wisely and support each other.

NB: I am Grateful to have good women in My life that can support me when I need them.

Share your thoughts about supporting women.

Are there other reasons women should support other women?

5 thoughts on “Why Women should Support other Women.

  1. Great post! I’ve been tagged a feminist several times cos I’m all for supporting women. It’s sad we don’t do this enough. We are such a powerful force and I hope more women forget the envy and recognize the effort.

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  2. Yes! Yes! I wish everyone would understand how much good we could do together. And it’s not away from someone else if another person is successful – instead, we should support that person and learn from her/him. Maybe one day women will understand this if people talk about this topic enough!


  3. Women support each other is something that should be done more, I’m always happy to support a work or a project runs by my female friend; The bonding is different, and yes we can share knowledge and inspire each other, Lovely post anyway,,,and I wish you Happy New Year,


  4. This is all so true!
    I’ve seen so many ugly comments floating around the blogosphere & started thinking what the fuck happens to the people at the end of the year? Why do they become so mean?


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