Gratitude Challenge: 5 Reasons I am Grateful for Xmas.

Its Letter X today so i will naturally say I am Grateful for Xmas. I know it irks some people when you say ‘Xmas’ instead of Christmas but just for today, allow me say Xmas. Afterall, I am sure you get the idea and it boils down to celebration and display of love. 

Today on my Gratitude Journal, I would love to share 5 Reasons I am Grateful for Xmas. 

It’s Xmas Eve and what better time will there be to write this post than now. So, let’s find out why I am Grateful:


I expect that everyone have a happy holidays this period. Time off work and regular routine is just what everyone needs when the year is coming to an end.

I love any holiday, but the Christmas holiday definitely has that extra touch that makes one giddy with Joy.


I have been accustomed to this tradition where everyone returns home from far and near to celebrate Christmas with family or friend.

Families take vacations together, schools have reunion parties and it is always a pleasant time. I like how everyone naturally resets to family mode when Christmas is around the corner.

I also take this time to remember my loved ones especially my dad who cannot be here physically to celebrate Christmas.


If you love to give and receive gifts, then Christmas is one period you want to take advantage of. If you are not really into buying gifts on random days, you should definitely cease this opportunity to wow your friends or partner.

The good thing about this season of giving is, it does not have to be physical gifts. Extend a helping hand, offer someone a ride, volunteer to do something for the less privileged. All these come with the joy of Christmas and I am definitely Grateful for everytime I receive a gift or kind gesture.


With Christmas comes the beautiful fairy lights, indoor and outdoor decoration and generally appealing atmosphere.

I also love the sound of Christmas carols and how everyone just sings along once it comes on. Christmas is really a season to be jolly and I am Grateful to be part of it.


If you are a christain, then you must have heard the birth story of baby Jesus. It is a significant part of Christmas and I like that Christmas is a good time to spread God’s love to people who are yet to know about him.

Share your thoughts.

What do you love about christmas?

I will love to read from you

10 thoughts on “Gratitude Challenge: 5 Reasons I am Grateful for Xmas.

  1. This is such a wholesome and good post! I tend to forget to be grateful for everything I have so this was a nice reminder. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas 🙂


  2. This was lovely! Family time is definitely something I’m grateful for over the holidays, with working all the time it can be hard to have good quality time together so it’s important that you spend Christmas with your loved ones.

    Holly x


  3. Christmas is truly a magical time of year, isn’t it? I love Christmas for all the same reasons you do, and I’d love to add the warm feelings when reminiscing of Christmas’ past, and the white, clean, sparkly snow that is sure to grace us this time of year where I live. It seems to fit perfectly with CHRISTmas. Lovely post!


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