Gratitude Challenge: Knowledge and Kindness

Phaytea’s Pulse is participating in a 31 Days Gratitude Challenge. It is our version of Blogmas except that it does not end on Christmas Day, so expect a New post everyday till the end of the year.

Earlier at work today, I tried to log into my site admin and realised I could not. It seemed weird so I tried to do same on my phone it went through. At least, I was fine logging in through my phone worked.

As people will say, ‘Google is your friend’ so I decided to check through Google to find out if anyone had the same issue. As I had suspected, there were several issues like that with experts and non-experts preferring solution. It was quite a lot of information to take, I didn’t start to sort the technicalities but I felt relieved knowing I could find answers once I am ready.


I love that we have loads of information at our disposal. I also love the confidence that knowledge gives us. For this I am Grateful.


Little acts of kindness really does make the world a better place and I am grateful for every kind gesture that comes my way.

Share your thoughts

What is on your Gratitude list for Letter K

I will love to read from you.

16 thoughts on “Gratitude Challenge: Knowledge and Kindness

  1. I would say my K is knowledge. Sometimes knowing things can keep you from getting caught up in some of the hoopla of life. Just keeping your mind clear and understanding what to let shake you and what to let slide off your back.

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  2. I used to panic all the time when I was having issues with logging into my site. Now I am more calm down and like Zana everything will work out. Love reading all of those things that you are grateful for.
    I am too grateful for kindness, every day! 🙂

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  3. I am grateful for my boyfriend Kyal. He’s my complete opposite but we balance each other out beautifully and share the same weird sense of humour! I’m also grateful for the stationary store Kikki.K. Sounds a bit ridiculous but I love their lifestyle journals and their mantra towards life 🙂

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  4. Kindness by nature and knowledge by action and practice! I love this everyday challenge. I could also add any special person in my life with a name starting by the letter K !

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