Nigeria @ 57: 10 Things I Love about Nigeria(ns).

So this is the first light hearted post I have written in a while (actually since August 2017) but I feel like doing this will be rejuvenating plus Nigeria turned 57 on the 1st of October, so it’s just right.

Normally, this post should have been written and published on the 1st of October but I guess I was not up for it. Today is a public holiday and I have a bit of time, so why not….

You must already have guessed, I am a Nigerian (Nigeria is located in West Africa). My state of origin is Anambra which is the Eastern part on the map of Nigeria. The Easterners are popularly known as igbos and ‘igbo’ is the native language we speak (English is the official Language in Nigeria tho’)

However, since getting married to le hubby, I hear i should now say I am from the middle belt since he is from Benue State also in Nigeria. It is actually a ‘thing’ in Nigeria to claim your husband’s state of origin.

This definitely brings me to the first thing I like about Nigeria~

  1. The Diverse culture

Nigeria is blessed with so many ethnic groups and I think the diverse culture makes Nigeria a beautiful place. I also like that Nigerians are now more open to marrying from an ethnic group that is originally not theirs. It definitely promotes Peace and unity.

     2. The Languages in Nigeria

The Official languages in Nigeria are English, Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa but it is funny how we have over 100 languages in Nigeria. My native language is Igbo but even that has over five different dialects. We are ‘language rich’ in Nigeria. 

Kedu? ~ Means How are you? 

O di nma ~ Means Fine

******That’s a little igbo lesson****

      3. Local Dish

Nigerians are big on intercontinental dishes but our local delicacies are just so sumptuous. If you visit any ethnic group, be sure to look out for the local dish peculiar to them. 

      4.  Nigerian Weddings /Events

This should have come first but fourth place is not so bad. With different ethnic groups present in Nigeria, you can imagine how colourful a wedding event will turn out. If you are yet to attend a wedding in Nigeria, add that to your list.

A Traditional wedding cake

Apart from weddings, I feel like Nigerians just love to dine and find every reason to host an event. We celebrate EVERYTHING!!! 

   5.  Thrift Shopping/Bargaining Rights

This might not come up if you go shopping at the mall or store that already have price tags on items. But then, not everyone goes to shop in high end stores and that is where the bargaining rights come into play. 

If you go to a regular open place market then get ready to ‘price’ (ask for a reduction in price) every item till you get a good bargain. 

     6.   Style/Fashion

This is something I really like Nigerians for. We know how to dress up and show up. Whether it is representing our different cultures, formal outfits or casual clothing, those who know just do it so well.

      7.   Religion

Fellow Nigerians can bear me witness! We do not joke with our religion. There are diverse beliefs but everyone takes their religion SERIOUSLY!!!

Read Halleluyah Challenge

      8.    Adaptability

I feel like every Nigerian has the capability to withstand any economic, financial or weather condition. Late last year, there was recession in the country but I still heard about the coolest parties being organised, the latest cars being bought e.t.c What recession? Nigerians will strive till they make it.

    9.    Friendly/Sense of Humour

I like that very friendly people exist in Nigerian. One can even find friends that are more loyal than family. On my way to work every morning, I see young and old adults gather at the newspaper stand to discuss headlines. The energy at which they interact will make you think they have known themselves for a long time. Nigerians only need to share a common interest with you and you will automatically become friends.

And for our sense of humor, whoever started the ‘suffering and smiling’ statement probably had Nigerians in mind. We undergo the toughest times and still joke or create memes about a situation. There could be fuel scarcity and before the next day, someone has thought about a meme to create. We find a silver lining in everything.

This meme was a popular one during tomato scarcity. It was so expensive in the market

     10.  Our Business Sense

Nigerians have an amazing entrepreneurial ability. Every single idea can be turned into a business venture. For example, October 1st (which is our independence day) approaches and people are creatively thinking of items they can sell in the Nigerian colour. Flags, handbands, baseball caps e.t.c This is seasonal but you will find people who cease the opportunity to start a small business as demand for an item increases.

We are quick to learn and it’s no wonder how there is a rise in the creative industry. Make up artists, fashion designers, hair stylists e.t.c.  The amazing things is, there are no more ‘men jobs’ or ‘women jobs’. Men and women now work in the same field without bias.

Nigeria is still a developing country, there is so much that can be improved on, there are more things i love but these are just few things I love about Nigeria and the people in it.

Like every other Nigerian, I hope and pray for better times and unity in the country. The news each day terrifies me but we can only remain hopeful that things will get better.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and victims involved in the Las Vegas shooting. Such stories are heart wrenching and i pray for peace all around the world.

Drop a prayer or let me know what you like about your current location or country.

I will love to read from you

16 thoughts on “Nigeria @ 57: 10 Things I Love about Nigeria(ns).

  1. I must say I’m guilty of not knowing too much about Nigeria so I’m glad that I stumbled across this post. I would love to visit some day and experience the culture first hand


  2. A dear friend who I met in college the first time around (WAY back in 1976-1980) named Joseph Sabageh is from Nigeria. Reading your explanation about its location immediately brought to mind his early conversation upon meeting me and I could hear his voice again, with his heavy accent, explaining that Africa is a continent, and Nigeria is located in West Africa. We have reconnected on Facebook after all these years!
    I am an American, from New Hampshire originally, and now living in Maine (neighboring New England states in northeastern United States). My favorite thing about living here especially right now is the fall foliage. Other than that – I love the ocean and visiting the coastline is one of my favorite things to do.


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