8 Helpful Ways to Uplift Your Mood During Sad Times

Wouldn’t you just love to wake up each morning, smile, say ‘all is well with the world’ and kick start your day smoothly?

If your answer is yes and your mornings are just fine, then you probably do one of the things I mentioned in ‘8 Ways to literally have a Good Morning’.

However, this post goes further than just finding ways to ensure you have a good morning. It involves discussing ways we can uplift our mood during tough times.

For example, when you wake up each morning and remember the loss of a parent, family friend and how our loved one will never be able to call us on the phone or be physically present to celebrate milestones with us.

If you have read Dear August and When Tomorrow Comes, you most likely know i currently have to go through a difficult phase and sharing my thoughts during this period is kind of therapeutic for me. 

Lately, we have had to hold several family meetings and each time a couple of them have mentioned how they are grateful to God that mum and I are holding up well.

‘Holding up well’ in this context would mean being able to resume work again, going to public places, laugh at jokes, receive phone calls and being able to control the water works when talking about it in public.

Snapping back into reality is definitely not an easy fiat when it involves painful occurrences but I have consciously studied my recent habits and how they have helped in the slow but steady transition to recovery.

I intend to share these recent habits (with a whole new look) I have adopted with the hope that it helps you or anyone going through a difficult phase:

  • Prayer and Meditation

This was my first tip in 8 Ways to literally have a Good Morning and it is my ‘go-to’ source for comfort during sad times as well.

However, the difference is, i feel like i have a whole new understanding of what prayer means and how important it is. I find myself proclaiming God’s promises over my life and that of my family. I have new prayer points and I am even more dedicated to my daily devotional.

This is new attention to prayer comforts me and reminds me that there is always light at the end of a tunnel.

  • Getting my praise on (Music).

Music has always been featured somewhere in my daily routine. Singing along to a song has a way of brightening my day and is just an instant mood changer for me. I would say it has always been about the beat and melody in the song.

However, i have recently discovered the use of music in a different way. I listen to music now and I am looking out for the lyrics and what message I can get from it. I look out for songs that praise the greater being and tells me to be thankful in every situation I find myself in. It is just so soothing.

Depending on your current mood, music (with the right lyricss) can uplift you and the encouraging words can easily linger in your mind while you go about your daily activities.

  • Attending Closely Knit Family Events.

As much as one is encouraged to engage in outdoor activities as a means to ease a depressing period, it can be such hardwork as well as difficult when it comes to attending events.

Personally, i really do not see myself attending an event where most of the faces are unknown to me. It might be somewhat overwhelming to snap into a chatty mood with strangers when you are clearly not having it.

This is why I have stuck to attending only closely knit family events. So far, I have attended a 10 year old birthday party with close family and a one year old birthday party as well. Having a good time with family and faces that you know is particularly refreshing as you are not expected to behave a certain way.

There are no expectations from you and everyone is interested in making sure you are doing well. Your family understands what you are going through and will take steps to ensure you are comfortable.

Other outdoor activities include taking a walk or attending services in church.

  • Listening to podcasts

I must mention that podcasts have never been my thing. I recently got addicted while searching for all the motivation and encouragement I could get. My account on sound cloud had been inactive since I set it up so I randomly went there with no intention. 

It occurred to me that i could actually find some podcasts that could be helpful so I typed in a keyword. Obviously, there was so much to choose from and I even shared some with my mum.

It is so helpful to listen to people share their story with real life examples. It just reminds you that regardless of what situation you are going through, someone else has been there and was victorious over that situation.

  • Talking to someone that naturally lights you up.

Whether through phone or physically, everyone has that one person that always has your back. Mum, Dad, Sister, Husband, Wife,  Friend etc. If you have a confidant, then bear out your heart when you feel sad and down.

Let it all out. Not only will they listen, they should have the ability to talk you out of your mood or at least help ease some of the pain you feel.

  • Do something you love

If dancing is your forte, it might not be easy for you to burst a move when you are sad and down……or is it?

This should be a channel in which you can bear out your emotions. I particularly do not know how I am able to actually write on here but since it feels seamless then it is definitely a good thing.

The point here is, whatever you love to do should not feel stressful. If you love to sing record your voice, if you love to write, grab your keyboard or pen and paper. Draw if that is what makes you ease off tension.

Make a date with a creative side. It is relaxing and at the same time you are spending your time wisely and also documenting it.

  • Think of your most beautiful memory.

I find that this helps me alot. My most recent memory of my dad was my wedding day and thinking about it makes me happy that we created that memory together. 

  • Eat

Honestly, I feel like this is not good for me and that is why I wrote it as the last. I end up ‘panic eating’ when I am sad but it somehow makes me feel good when I am done.

I am not sure how that works but if it helps, take yourself out on a treat, go to favourite icecream place and indulge.

As much as we always want to be happy, there will be sad times. They are inevitable and we can only try to engage ourself in little activities that will help uplift our mood.

How do you get out of a sad mood?

I will love to read from you


22 thoughts on “8 Helpful Ways to Uplift Your Mood During Sad Times

  1. Great list… Music is a panacea for me… feeling down…up…across…around… it’s music… ” One good thing about music…when it hits you you feel no pain…. so hit me with music…”💃💃💃💃

    If I don’t have music I settle for a good book… I drink wine… go to the beach… go to the hills… feel better soon… and have a drink on me😎

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such good advice! I think uplifting music is always a good idea – that’s the kind of music I listen to most on spotify. I just put some worship music on and go about my day, it’s nice to have the encouragement and uplifting songs in the background! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. When I’m struggling I pray, eat a treat, diffuse an uplifting scent like Joy and Orange or Release and Peppermint, dance with my kids in the kitchen, exercise, or watch a good show. I guess I struggle a lot. I’m glad that you’ve got a positive morning routine going!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Very recently, i have observed that a nice scent makes me feel happy…so sometimes i just spray a dash of my perfume in the air while at work..I love the other suggestions too….Thank you for sharing them


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