Why you should consider a Public Speaking Course.

Late last year, I enrolled in a public speaking course and that was probably one of the best spontaneous decision i have made in the past. Basically, it wasn’t planned for. I got bored and needed something to keep me busy.

The first public speaking session had us genuinely answering one question.

Would you rather express yourself by writing or speaking publicly?

As you might have already imagined, majority of the students said they express themselves better by writing as against speaking publicly. 

There were lots of excuses ranging from I don’t need public speaking in my job or I work behind the camera or I work as an editor and not a presenter e.t.c

The facilitator did not seem suprised with our answers and went to convincingly explain why a public speaking course is important for everyone.

I feel like the need to master the art of public speaking cannot be over-emphasized, especially in this era of social media platforms like youtube, Snapchat, Instagram live etc. 

These are tools that have proven itself worthy to drive traffic to your products or services being rendered. If you happen to have an iota of doubt as to why you need a public speaking course, here are 3 reasons why you should reconsider:

  • Every profession require Public Speaking Skill.

Do you think this is true?

Your ability to communicate properly is what first draws attention to you (well, after the physical appearance). But, what keeps the attention on you is being able to engage your listener.

From being your own boss to working for an employer, working as a marketer or working as a nanny, if you ever have to talk or persuade anyone, then you need to know how to speak fluently.

Some days ago, I watched an instagram video of a footballer being interviewed and it was a disaster. Lots of mixed tenses and unnecessary silent fillers. That actually spurred the need to finally write this piece.

Naturally, one will think you only need to be a skilled player to get into the football pitch. While this is true, it is also important to consider your individual/ brand image and that’s where public speaking comes to play. Nobody wants to be known as that footballer or marketer who mixes up his/her tenses.

I am using the example of a footballer because that easily comes to mind. Now, think of a profession you feel might not involve public speaking and let’s see if they can really get away with it.

  • Public speaking is the perfect confidence booster.

You know how you sometimes have no idea about what you’re saying but somehow you realise people are actually listening to you… well, only a good public speaker can pull that off successfully.

Mastering the art of public speaking allows you project confidence even when things are not working out as planned. When you are met with unforeseen circumstances, it is a lot easier to handle the situation because you have capability. 

If you forget your lines, you can easily continue the conversation without talking off point. You have the ability to defend your choices and not mumble words.

If you teach teenagers, then you must know how difficult it can get especially when they engage in side comments. With a public speaking course, you are more confident and stage fright is never a problem.

You are readily available to take up leadership roles and even volunteer

Your ability to entertain, educate, inform and influence your audience confirms your confidence and that can only be achieved with a clear and verbal  presentation of words.

  • The Perks of Public speaking .

Of what good is your 30 page slide if you have no idea how to engage your audience? 

The presentation done by a public speaker will always stand out amongst others and well, if it is remarkable then there will be numerous benefits attached.

Regardless of the audience size, chances are you will feel fulfilled when you get a positive feedback from your audience. 

The recognition is amazing, you tend to get the attention of influential and like minded people, it opens doors for more public speaking engagements that can turn into cash.

Even if you do not intend to pursue public speaking professionally, the skill you acquire can always be leveraged on.

Public speaking is basically being able to express yourself clearly, endear people to you and getting them to agree with your call to action.

Still think it’s not important?

Share your thoughts about public speaking

Do you express yourself better by writing or by speaking publicly?

Have you had your first speaking engagement?

What is your biggest fear about public speaking?

I will love to read from you

22 thoughts on “Why you should consider a Public Speaking Course.

  1. What a great post! Public speaking is something I’ve always struggled with but maybe it’s time I boost up the confidence!


  2. I avoid public speaking as much as possible and use the word “umm” or “like” a lot if I have to do it! But reading your article made me realise how true your words were. Thanks for sharing


  3. I did a keynote speech for a volunteer organization last month and it was a fantastic experience. I had decided I wanted to get into public speaking and plan to go to Toastmasters. In the meantime, t​his opportunity came my way and I grabbed it. I think writers need to be able to speak, too, in order to promote our work and the writing profession. You can’t stay in your room with the door shut all the time or you’ll get stale.


  4. Amazing post dear, I’m totally in love. But for myself, I don’t really like public speaking but I would prefer dirrectly perfomance with dancing art or anythníng like this. Hahahaa….because Im not on that talented for public speaking.


  5. I avoid public speaking any chance I get. I used to get so nervous when I was in school and had to do a speech in front of the class, sometimes to the point where I would feel sick. I think it is definitely important for everyone to become comfortable with.


  6. This must be so helpful for you confidence. I used to be a teacher so I know how important speaking in the right way is.


  7. I was terrible at public speaking before and even stuttered when I was a kid but now I have no fear whatsoever – blogging helped a lot! Meeting new people, working with brands, new types of collabs – I’m a social butterfly now and proud of it!


  8. I’ve never had a fear to speak in public & I actually took a class of it and got a diploma of speaking public. I think it’s easy for me as I think it’s theatre. I’m coming from theatre background so.


  9. Great post Phay ❤
    I have good comm skills otherwise, however when it comes to public speaking, my tongue gets tied. Reading your post is motivating me again to try and finally master this art!


  10. I always prefer writing than speaking public. But when i was in high school i enjoyed playing roles or reading poems in public. I feel i couldn’t do it that way now.


  11. Public writing terrifies me. A flip chart and coloured pens can bring a persperation as feirce as Niagra falls. I am a bit out of practice but as long as i have done my homework and am prepared speaking / coaching is fine. But showing my handwriting which resembles… infantile worms moving over the page, is terror inducing.


  12. Hey dear, I’m such a bad follower. I haven’t read this article yet, I just needed some place to comment on the lovely blog changes. I will get to it, thought. Please forgive me. It looks so awesome, I just love the header!! I mean, “everything my heart beats for” it’s just the most perfect, sweetest description. You’ve done well, girl. I need some alone time with your blog, I have so many interesting posts to catch up on, I’m drooling. Love, Cheila. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  13. I was actually contemplating whether or not to opt for a public speaking course myself as a free elective &I happened to come across this post! I’m glad I did, really useful 😊

    Hope you visit my blog, I’m fairly new here!


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