July 2017 Favourites

Hi Lovelies, did you have an interesting weekend? I didn’t get up to anything out of the ordinary this weekend and I feel like I should revisit my bucket list just to get ideas I can indulge in. August is hours away and I should really create some fun memories before the year ends.

It is the last day in July and for some reason I woke up happy this morning. This is not to say I never have grumpy days but infact I think mornings are my best time of the day. If you are yet to get a hang of how to start your day, then I recommend you read 8 Ways to literally have a ‘Good Morning’.

Last month, I did a June 2017 Favourites Post and I also i intend to make this a norm as I mentioned in Pulse for July 2017.

In no particular order, here are my favourites for July 2017.


Music is one way I escape from any situation I do not like. I plug in my earpiece and just zone out. It’s also how I get some ‘lazy’ workout done. 

This month, I fought strongly to avoid picking DJ Khaled’s Wild Thoughts as my favourite song. It was on every Television and Radio Music Countdown so its no surprise that it stuck. It’s the kind of song that remember easily so make sure you do not have it on repeat when kids are at a listening distance. Definitely not kid friendly.


I already mentioned that the past weekend was nothing out of the ordinary, So was every weekend in July. It’s either raining heavily or an ongoing election which restricted movement till certain hours. 

I did not get to see a new movie at the cinema this month but I watched Me Before You and my water works did not fail me. The movie got me teary eyed and I just wish it did not end the way it did. A beautiful love story, very lovely and you should look out for it if you have not seen it already.

I attended a traditional wedding on the first of July 2017 and I totally loved my look. Here’s my favourite make up look in July

The last time I had a full face make up done was for my birthday in May. I feel like I am the only one who does not know how to get a professional makeup done. 

How did you learn to get your makeup done? You tube tutorial or a proper makeup school?

Share your thoughts Lovelies

What were you favourite things in July 2017?

Have you watched ‘Me Before You’?

What’s your favourite song at the moment?

How often do you check your bucket list?

I’ll love to read from you

29 thoughts on “July 2017 Favourites

  1. I haven’t seen that movie – I avoid overly emotional movies as they are guaranteed to make me cry! Too emotional after having my babies! haha!

    Your makeup looks beautiful too! I don’t wear makeup often, but when I do I just try do the best I can – I haven’t watched any youtube videos or taken any classes. Just throw it on and hope for the best, ha! I do use a foundation brush instead of a sponge now as when I went to buy new makeup that’s what they recommended, I just pick up things like that as I go along.

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