WordSearchSeries#19: Behemoth ~ Too much Info.

It’s another hump day fam and that means #WordSearchSeries is scheduled for today. 

The new word is Behemoth.

This is a word I have heard before but never used. You know how you intentionally learn something so you can put it into practice, that’s exactly what i intend to do with this word. Find out the meaning of behemoth and add it in my vocabulary bag.

Here’s what it means:

Someone or something that is abnormally large or powerful.

Behemoth can be used to describe a huge or monstrous creature.

  • We were thrilled to watch the behemoth bear feed it’s cub.

It can also be used to describe a person of exceptional importance and reputation.

  • The religious behemoth decided to pay for everyone’s meal.

There you go guys….do add this to your vocabulary bag as well.

For #WonderWednessday, I still get amazed at how colleagues at work bring ‘private home gist’ and put it up for discussion in the office. 

Shouldn’t there be some caution when participating in a group chit chat?

Like some people literally give out too much private information. I mean it’s nice to share and contribute and all but the downside is, the people who you tell end up using your story against you when the chips are down.

Share personal information with people who deserve to know, people you trust and people who genuinely care.

I’ve seen a lot of people suffer the aftermath of loose talk at work and I’m left to wonder how it’s still difficult for some people to draw the line between private topics and topics meant for the public.

Share your thoughts Lovelies

Do you have tips for drawing the line between too much information and information that is OK to share?

Have you had any experience?

Is there a genuine reason why people do this?

Oh and yea..let me know if you already use behemoth as a regular word.

I’ll love to read from you

Love, Peace and Cupcakes


14 thoughts on “WordSearchSeries#19: Behemoth ~ Too much Info.

  1. I have never heard the word before! Now English is my second language ( I speak Norwegian) But still, I did live in the US for a while – but never heard that word! Thanks for sharing – always fun to learn something new! Must try to use it soon 🙂


  2. Behemoth, know the word, but don’t really use it on normal conversations.. As for the other questions, yup, I’ve had a lot of experiences when some friends or colleagues are divulging too much private information about their lives, without them knowing the effect of it. That’s why it is always important to always think before you speak.. 🙂


  3. Hmmn Behemoth… never heard if it. It sounds ancient😂. Some people have no filter and would rather share everything and extra to everyone. I’m not entirely sure why they feel the need to do this but my guess is sympathy, favour and friendship. I always move along or put my earphones in whenever the conversation is getting to deep for me at work.


  4. Ha! Thanks for sharing. When I saw that word, I was like “Yeah! I’ve wanted to know what it means for a long time! lol”


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