Can you stand the rain? 

and I’m asking literally…..

If you are anything close to me, then you are already humming to New Edition’ s ‘Can you stand the rain’. 

I love songs that kind of ‘speak to your soul’ (is that a weird description?)…. but I totally fell in love with this song again in the movie ‘The Best Man Holiday’. That was my best movie for a long time.

Talking about rain, do you like the rainy season? 

It’s been raining a lot in Lagos (it’s the season so there’s no suprise at all) and I think it’s beginning to tell on my usual active self. For instance, I always want to be totally covered up (socks and all) as against wearing light clothes when I’m home, I have missed three days of blogging (as per my posting schedule) which hasn’t happened since January, I get home from work and I’m in a hurry to take the couch potato position (fully clothed), I’ll usually bask in the idea of having a cold bath but with the way this weather is set up, I have had to use warm water. 

Moving on, while in my couch potato position last night, mum sent her regular text with a rundown of how her day went. She also wanted me to cover up properly and mentioned she was shivering (Trust me to worry a bit). I jolted up immediately and called her to find out what ‘shivering’ actually meant. Thankfully, it turned out it wasn’t anything serious, she had taken precaution and was doing well.

I totally love the rainy season (just because I dislike when the weather gets really hot) but it has a way of making things gloomy. Asides being worried if you stay in an area that is susceptible to flood or not being able to sun dry your clothes whenever you want, there are other things that if not put in place the rainy season will just be unbearable.

Basically, if we do not take necessary precautions, we literally won’t be able to stand the rain.

Here are some helpful tips on how to literally stand the rain:

  • Always have an umbrella (even if you are driving).

This is self explanatory. For people like me who will ignore and dash out without an umbrella, I guess experience will be the best teacher.

I used to be that way but somehow having an umbrella have now become part of me (thanks to le hubby). I can’t count how many times he emphasised the need of having an umbrella even when you are mobile. He got two umbrellas for me at different times….no idea where they are at the moment…but I’m using his…..and well, it’s now mine.

  • Wear protective clothing.

This is another no brainer. It’s important you’re not exposed to cold. Wear shoes that won’t suffer when it rains. Dress according to the weather.

  • Try not to fix outdoor events during the rainy season.

We actually tried this for our wedding in June 2016 and got lucky. One out of the two wedding event was outdoor (with canopies and all) and of course the issue we had to worry about was hoping it wouldn’t rain.

If you really want to enjoy your event as a host or guest, try to avoid fixing outdoor events during the rainy season and if you do just pray/ hope you get lucky and it doesn’t rain. 

Uhhmm…the weather forecast isn’t like 100% correct all the time.

  • Have emergency numbers available and be safety conscious.

A lot of things can go wrong when it’s raining. Your car can break down in traffic, you could slip accidentally while walking. It is important to know who can help immediately a situation occurs and be sure to keep emergency numbers closeby.

  • Be aware of exposed electric wires.

I had to write this here because sometime ago, I heard about a sad story which led to a lady’s demise. She went to a store when it was raining, tried to open the sliding door and got electrocuted.

We might be careful in our home and surrounding but we can never be sure how safe our other destinations are.

  • Maintain a clean surrounding.

The rainy season breeds all sort of crawling and flying insects. Some could be harmful especially the female anopheles mosquitoes known for carrying the malaria parasite.

Stagnant water is a known habitat for these kind of harmful creatures. Ensure your environment is tidy and does not sabotage your health.

  • Have a warm drink as much as possible.

We need all the warmth we can get on-the-go…This is definitely a good time to show your tea bags and coffee some love. 

  • Maintain a healthy eating habit.

Home cooked meals are the best to have this period and always. That way, you’re sure of your source of drinking water and you can wash your veggies thoroughly. 

  • Avoid dancing in the rain.

Ok…not actually dancing but avoid being caught or drenched in the rain. If you eventually do, take off wet clothes and shoes as soon as possible. 

Plan your trips in a way that you do not have to wait for a long period of time at bus stops or station.

  • Try to avoid injuries during the rainy season.

For some reason, I feel like my injuries take a longer time to heal when it’s rainy season. This is from like personal experience. Do you feel that way to?

The floors are wet most times during this period and we are prone to accidental slips. Ensure you wear shoes that have a bit of friction.

  • Keep a mentholated balm/massage oil close by.

This is my personal favourite. I love to keep a balm that has menthol really close by, just incase my nose gets blocked. It’s also a good time to get massage especially if it’s free.

The rainy season isn’t so bad if we take necessary precautions. Don’t be so quick to wish the rain away instead put things in place to help keep your lifestyle going.

Ps: It’s still raining now….and well, couch potato position assumed.

Share your thoughts Lovelies

What’s your favourite season?

Do you have tips for the rainy season?

What do you like/dislike most about the rainy season?

I’ll love to read from you

Love, Peace and Cupcakes



14 thoughts on “Can you stand the rain? 

  1. The song in my head that went off was Here Comes the Rain Again by the Eurythmics. (Here comes the rain again. Falling on my head like a memory.) Warm rain is better, but where I live it’s usually a cold rain and that shivers me down to the bone. Don’t like it.


  2. We’ve had a lot of rain in Toronto too, so I can certainly identify with this post. I love the rain also. It’s so fresh and clean afterwards. It washes away all the dirt to make things feel new again.


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