WordSearchSeries#18: Vitriol + Who should be blamed?

Hump day isn’t so bad in Lagos….well, if you ask me. It has not rained for like two days straight and I’m sure a lot of people appreciate how sunny it has been.

Anyway, Let’s learn a new word….shall we?

For #WordSearchSeries on the blog today, the new word is Vitriol. This is one of the words I found while reading a political article sometime last week.

Here’s what it means:

Abusive or venomous language used to express blame or censure or deep seated ill.

Bitter criticism or malice

For example: His Father’s sudden gush of vitriol suprised the neighbours.

Have you heard or used the word Vitriol before?

We do not have too many popular words that start with letter V. I think it’s such a cool word and we should totally add it to our vocabulary.

For #WonderWednessday, I’m just going to ask that you share your thoughts about this statement.

There are no bad children only bad parents.

If you ask me, I definitely do not agree. While parents are responsible for training up a child, the reality is once they become teens/adults exposure to all sorts could change a lot of things.

Should parents be blamed for how their children turn out?

I’ll love to read from you

Love, Peace and Cupcakes 


14 thoughts on “WordSearchSeries#18: Vitriol + Who should be blamed?

  1. Oh that must have been a bad child who came up with that saying. There are indeed bad children and they can come from bad or good parents. Likewise there are bad parents, some very bad. They will never make a good child but the child may take it upon himself or herself to improve and become a good adult and one day may be a good parent. So there are bad children and there are bad parents, but not always in the same family.

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  2. No I don’t think parents should be blamed for how their children turnout, although they have a great role to play in the development of their kids. The future of a child depends on him/her . This can happen if the child was brought up in a good way…

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  3. I can’t say all parents…I was sitting home today, and I could out my window this lady curse her son. He had to have been about 9 or 10. She didn’t do it once…It was like a repeated response. All I do was whisper a short prayer to myself because parents have the power to break their kids when they are young with words. Words are definitely powerful. That’s why I say not in all situations should be blamed because some kids try things because their friends did it and they wanted to fit in.

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  4. hehe Vitriol is actually the name of the bar I love at the seaside we go to regularly, but I never checked if it means something 🙂 regarding the kids, well this is very disputable, but in the end parents do play a big role and kids are their own personas, so it’s hard to blame one or the other side.

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  5. Wow!! You know, I’ve learnt a new word today courtesy you! Vitriol added straight up!

    On bad parenting, som many factors add up to what a child becomes even though the foundation( home-training)might be good. School, peer groups, and other factors. You can only do your bit and hope and pray they keep to the values you have inculcated in them and yes they really can.

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