WordSearchSeries#16: Febrile + Choosing the sex of a Child

Early start for me this morning as work resumes today. We had Monday and Tuesday off work because of the Muslim holiday (Eid el Fitr) so it was a really long weekend.

Talk about the work week starting on hump day. *rolls eye* 

Anyway, Wednesday is always scheduled for #WordSearchSeries on the blog and the new word is Febrile


I had a different word planned for today but on my way to work this morning, I found ‘Febrile’ in an article I was reading on Facebook. 

I thought the word sounded like feeble but here’s what it really means:

  • Having or showing the symptoms of fever.

Example: The woman’s Febrile condition kept her in bed all day.

  • Characterised by a great deal of nervous excitement or energy.

Example: She sang with Febrile intensity.

The result riled up the contestants and plunged the audience into a Febrile state.

Basically, Febrile can be used in medical terms to refer to ‘ fever’ or refer to an ‘extremely active’, ‘exciting’ or ’emotional’ situation.

If you have just come across this word for the first time, feel free to add it to your vocabulary.

For #WonderWednessday, I’m wondering if it’s okay to plan the sex of the children you want to have.

A couple of weeks back, an instagram user posted a picture of her siblings. They were nine (9) girls and the last child was a boy of about 4 to 5 years old.

Of course, I thought the little boy looked so cute in the picture with his older sisters and I felt he was going to get so much love and extra attention from his parents and siblings. 

The comment section however had lots of contributions from who gives birth to 10 children anymore to oh! The couple must have been trying for a male child. Some people where even offering tutorials on how to plan for a male child, the period it’s better, what to eat, positions during intercourse and some ridiculous contribution.

In some African homes, the need for a male child is so important that it sometimes drive men to marry a second wife like it’s the fault of the woman she didn’t deliver a male child.

Some couples who merely by coincidence have all male children will swear they know the best way to conceive a male child and go ahead to give bogus information. 

Thankfully, people are now getting more exposed and less close minded. People are now open to consultation from medical professionals and finding out ways to plan the sex of the children they intend to have.
However, some others who are guided by religion prefer to allow nature take its course and accept whatever sex the baby comes in.

In my opinion, I think it is important to plan the number of children you will like to have and maybe plan loosely in what sex you will like them to come in.

However, I do not think planning the sex of a child should be a ‘do or die’ affair. If you start up that way, you’ll definitely put anxiety in the family for no reason. I think couples should be open to receive whichever sex the child comes in. A child is child….male or female.

I do not hve kids yet but I’m wondering what you think about planning the sex of a child.

Do you think it is important to plan the sex of the children you will like to have?

Are you open to planning the sex of the children you intend to have?

Do you think it is medically possible to plan the sex of kids at conception?

I’ll love to read from you

Love, Peace and Cupcakes


16 thoughts on “WordSearchSeries#16: Febrile + Choosing the sex of a Child

  1. Hey, interesting post, but surely we all know that you cannot plan, choose or decide the sex of your child with a natural conception?! It is sad that in some parts of the world they still hope for boys over girls, but I think as education becomes more universal, these views will soon fade into non-existence. Same goes for having too many children. Our world simply cannot cope with the current rate of population growth. It takes all of us to change that. XO Miss Portmanteau

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lara, Thank you for the contribution..I hope for better sensitization for people who strongly believe the male child is superior than female…and yea the population figures are climbing every minute…


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