3 Habits of a Go-Getter

Amidst the bustle from the family event last week and of course unsteady and crappy network, I was still able to catch the news about Kechi, a Nigerian participating in America’s Got Talent.


I immediately remembered Kechi as a plane crash survivor from an ill-fated Sosoliso flight back in 2005 (that ended the life of about 107 people). A really long time but you never forget a plane crash survivor as it’s a very rare situation…..surviving a plane crash that is.
Kechi’s story is one that will motivate anyone as she did not allow her predicament deter her from pursuing her dreams. She survived the crash with scars but went ahead to complete her degree, currently pursuing her MBA and also auditioned for America’s Got Talent recently. Amazing…Isn’t it?

Her story inspires me a whole lot

You see, most people in similar situations will withdraw from public appearance, give room to anxiety or live in isolation and allow current predicaments pose as a limitation.

But kechi didn’t. Amongst other qualities, she has an amazing voice and didn’t let her 3rd degree burn deter her from climbing the AGT stage and singing for the world to hear….the world….

Watch Kechi inspire a lot of people including me in this video

If that isn’t confidence, I do not know what else is.

It will take a lot of pep talk and proper counselling to get anyone to muster courage and keep them from falling into depression after a traumatic situation but it can be done.

For this reason, I will like to see Kechi as a perfect example of a Go-Getter and here are 3 habits I believe every Go-Getter should imbibe.

  • A Go-Getter keeps his/her eyes on the prize.

Focus is a mental key every go-getter should have. It is so easy to get distracted and fall out of line. Challenges, negative vibes from people, financial constraints are just some of the things that can make one get distracted.

A Go-Getter knows a distraction when he/she sees one but never forgets the final destination.

  • A Go-Getter does not compare himself/herself to others.

The easiest way to fall out of line is when you start looking at someone’s grass. Their grass is greener and you suddenly start to feel incompetent. That isn’t the lifestyle of a Go-Getter.

A Go-Getter is confident, does not compare himself/herself to others, is resourceful, not easily broken and makes tangible use of what is available. 

  • A Go-Getter seeks good counselling.

A good support system is something everybody needs. I believe that no man is an island of knowledge and we are always going to need the support of areliable friend or family to help us through difficult times.

A Go-Getter understands this and does not fail to seek counselling when it is required. If you are not speaking to anyone, research and reading books are just some of the ways to get good counselling too.

    These are Habits I can resonate with and that is why I am sharing. There are other applicable habits for anyone who is determined to reach a goal but I think these 3 are extremely important.

    I really hope someone gets motivated after reading this….if not anything, let this post spur you to pursue your dreams regardless of what condition you find yourself.
    Share your thoughts Lovelies

    What habits do you think is important for a Go-Getter should?

    Do you have a plan that always work for you when it comes to achieving your goals?

    I’ll love to read from you

    Love, Peace and Cupcakes


    10 thoughts on “3 Habits of a Go-Getter

    1. Oh wow! She’s such an inspiration surely full of confidence! For me, it has been working hard and sometimes remembering that most winners have been losers who didn’t stop trying – success always doesn’t come on the first try but if you keep working for it, you can achieve your dreams. 🙂


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