6 things to learn from children.

The 27th of May is children’s day in Nigeria so I was not suprised when staff of some companies dressed the part wearing school costumes to work today. It was an interesting sight.

I love how Nigerians love to celebrate at the slightest opportunity. It just confirms that it is important to find ways to be happy in the midst of so much uncertainty.

To commemorate children on the blog, I have decided to share 6 things we can learn from children. I do not have kids yet but I have little cousins between the ages of 4 -14 whom I love to treat once in a while. It is so easy for me to switch into my playful self and this makes it easy to relate with them.

As young as they are, if you get to spend a bit of time with children, you will realise there is so much you can actually learn from them. 

I’ll be sharing 6 things we can learn from children:

  • Forgiveness

I do not know what other age grade forgives more like children. You see them quarrel this minute and the next minute, they are all over themselves again. I have a swell time watching my cousins take on themselves and watch eachother’s back almost immediately. They forgive themselves so easily and it’s admirable.

  • Friendly and Open-minded

This is so common amongst kids. They are so friendly and mingle easily amongst themselves. They do this without bias and ulterior motive. This is one quality adults should adapt. As you get older, it’s almost difficult to become friends with someone without having a motive in mind.

  • Honesty

Oh my! If you stay with kids, then you already know you shouldn’t behave out of order in their presence. Kids are so honest to a fault. Their photographic memory remembers everything and they tell it like it is. It’s quite unfortunate that once we start getting older, we filter information to suit our purpose. Try using a kid as your alibi and you just might be in for some disappointment.

Petal princesses

  • Persistence

This is funny, but have you watched a child try to climb a table just to reach a cookie jar? They are so determined and persistent. They are not limited by fear and if no one is there to stop them, they keep trying without knowing the risk involved. If they want to hold your phone, you must give it to them. 

  • Learning from experience

Children can tell something is not good for them once they get a bad experience. This is why it’s a struggle to get children to eat some kind of food. If they get hurt by a candle wax, they stay away the next time they see one. Their experiences with people or situations help them make decision.

  • Playful and Carefree.

Finally, children have thought me that it is okay to drop your guard and just relax sometimes. You do not always need to be uptight, you can actually play and be happy. My mum told me that as a child, I usually run up to the altar when the sermon was going on in church. As an adult, I smile when I see little kids do the same thing. It is nice to do fun things and make yourself happy.

Reliving your childhood does not make you less of an adult, it just helps you relax and reduce the stress of being an adult.

We all know ‘adulting’ is hardwork.

Share your thoughts Lovelies

What lessons have you learnt from children?

What childhood memory helps you relax?

I’ll love to read from you.

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Love, Peace and Cupcakes



15 thoughts on “6 things to learn from children.

  1. Thank you for sharing this with us. This is a great read. I really enjoyed what you have put in this blog. I believe you can learn a lot from children. I used to work with them and some of the stuff they come out with amazed me. I love sitting thinking about child hood memories.

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  2. Kids do teach you some amazing lessons in life. I do that think that it’s easier for them to forgive. I think we have been jaded too much and yet forgiveness is essential even in our life. And definitely, kids are carefree in a way that we aren’t. It is sad that we don’t have their ability to live without worrying about what everyone thinks. But we don’t.

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