WordSearchSeries #12: Suborn + Lying by Omission

Once again, the world has been hit so hard and it has left us speechless. The departure of anyone is never good news especially if it was sudden.

My thoughts and prayer goes out to families of the victims affected by the Manchester attack. I pray for strength and comfort during this trying period, and I hope for Peace all over the world.

Today on #WordSearchSeries, i found SUBORN.


Have you heard or used ‘suborn‘ before?

I came across the word while reading news updates online yesterday.

Here is what it means:

  • Suborn means to bribe or induce someone to commit an unlawful act.
  • To instigate a person to commit a wrongful act.

For example, He was accused of conspiring to suborn witnesses.

I plan to use this word from now on as I feel we have over used bribe and induce.

You should totally add this word to your vocabulary if you are yet to.

For #WonderWednessday, we will be talking Lying by Omission.

Yes I know…and I’m going there.

Whether it’s lieing about an uncompleted assignment or lieing about why you showed up late to an appointment, we have all crossed that road.

We have all lied at one point in time. White lie, black lie, big lie, small lie….we’ve told a lie to manage a situation or avoid drastic repercussions.

What about withholding information?

Is it still a lie if you didn’t say or you weren’t asked?

This topic has been put up for discussion a lot of times and the most recent event I’ve seen this situation play out is in ‘Los Miserables’ a spanish telenovela I’ve been watching.

Basically, Lucia unintentionally gets entangled with two brothers, she was present when ‘brother a’ got shot which led to his death but she failed to tell ‘brother b’ because she was scared of the repercussions. (She doesn’t want to get arrested and also worried ‘brother b’ might think the worst of her for being in a situation with his brother). It’s really complicated.

Now, she lives with the guilt and have not been able to muster the courage she needs to give useful information to ‘brother b’ who happens to be a policeman.

Lucia needs to fight for justice and she’s scared the law will be against her for being a key witness and withholding information.

I’ll like to see how the telenovela pans out but enough with fiction, let’s talk reality and our experiences with withholding information.

We know our morals and values and all that stuff…..but I’m wondering….

Is withholding information the same as lieing?

Is it a lie if you didn’t mention? 

Is it lieing if you weren’t asked?

Are there justifiable situations where you can withhold information or shouldn’t withhold information?

Share your thoughts Lovelies

I’ll love to read from you

Love, Peace and Cupcakes


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34 thoughts on “WordSearchSeries #12: Suborn + Lying by Omission

  1. I think it really depends on the situation. Sometimes you don’t share certain information because you know it will hurt someone. But this only works for very small and unimportant things. For example, if someone tells me they think my friend is ugly I will keep it to myself and not hurt their feeling. But if I know that her husband is cheating I will tell her. I know I should not get involved in couples issues but how could I have that information and not share it with my friend?

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  2. Suborn is certainly a new word for me. I’d like to add it to my daily synonyms on my blog. When it comes to lying by omission, that’s a grey area and it depends on the situation. I wonder if telling a half truth is the same as lying by omission. I think sometimes not telling the whole truth serves a purpose. I honestly don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing.

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  3. Suborn huh – nice, I’m going to keep that little word in my back pocket ready for action. Is withholding information lying? I’d only say if you’re doing it to be deliberately hurtful to someone, but it’s a grey area for sure! Nice way to get the brain working on a Thursday morning.

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  4. Leaving something unsaid is not lying in my opinion, or well – it depends on the situation. If it’s something very important that people should know, they it needs to come out, but with little things that aren’t that important, there’s no reason to make it a big deal.

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  5. I think that no matter what it’s always better to tell the truth it might hurt sometimes but it’s way much better than living in a lie.

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