What church ushers should not do.

Sunday fun day?

I had a very busy sunday and i am only just settling in to write today’s post.

I won’t be reviewing or sharing links today rather I’ll be sharing my experience in a new church I’ve been attending.

Late last year, I had to start attending a church close to my house. It has the same name as my previous place of worship but it is just a different province.


As it is the norm, newcomers are identified in church every sunday. I and some other people were made to sit in the front row after they had sang the welcome song to us.

This was normal to me, I only had to be really prim and proper because when you are in front everything you do gets captured easily on camera.

Another normal thing that happened was an usher collecting our details after the service ended so we could be monitored (Read that as so they can call us during the week to ensure we keep attending church).

However, the problem started when two other ushers came at different times to collect my number. Their reason being, I was a newcomer and they needed to follow-up too. I explained I had filled the form provided and there was no reason to write my number again. After I said the same thing to the second usher, I felt uncomfortable and left instead of waiting for Sunday school.

Now, they might have had genuine reasons for wanting to get my details but I felt really uncomfortable with the manner of approach.

This is why I’ll be sharing 3 things church ushers should not do.

  • Do not make newcomers uncomfortable.

I know ushers should make the newcomers feel important and all but there should be a limit to the attention. Excess attention is never a good way to get newcomers to continue attending a church.

  • Do not force members to sit where they do not like.

Imagine coming to church late and being told to go straight ahead. You get to walk down the aisle with people staring at you like you’re the worst for coming late to church.

  • Do not make church members feel out of place.

This mostly has to do with women and the outfits they wear. Some churches make it compulsory for ladies to have their hair covered in church. This does not mean ushers should confront newcomers who do not cover their hair.

Those are the 3 things that come to mind when dealing with ushers in church.

Have you had any experience with ushers either in church or at an event?

Do share your thoughts

I’ll love to read from you

Love, Peace and Cupcakes



7 thoughts on “What church ushers should not do.

      1. Unless you live in a very small village, they don’t really “pressure” you to come to mass or don’t ask questions. Well, they have other annoying things, trust me


  1. My experience wasn’t ushers in particular and I actually have been writing about my experience on Fridays. But it was just how people approached me. Not everyone is aware, and people don’t know. It’s good to get the word out, like you’ve done. 🙂 Have a great rest of your Sunday.


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