‘Mrs’ on social media first….

So happy it’s friday.

It’s kind of a special weekend for me because my birthday is next Monday and I was able to get Monday off work. 

Whoop whoop!!

So ironically, self care starts today.

(Meanwhile, how do you spend your birthday when it falls on a Monday?…most people will be at work till late evening).

So i have this procedure i should have completed a while ago but it just hasn’t happened.

Two days ago, I decided it was time and had a conversation with a friend about how she got her husband’s last name aligned with her bank details and the office records.

Of course, I confirmed my fears. It was a bit of a hassle but it got done eventually. For the bank, there will be a lot of paper work collation if you do not intend to create a new bank account bearing your new name. I had honestly been avoiding the hassle.

By the 4th of June, I would have been married for a year. Wow…How time flies. While a lot of friends, colleagues, social media friends are aware that I have been married for a while now, I am yet to align my office records and bank details with my new surname (husband’s last name). 

But I have my new surname updated on facebook though..that’s the easiest place to update without paperwork and procedures..๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


From what I have noticed, once you get back to work after your honeymoon, you rush off to the Human Resources Department to get your new surname/status documented (you even have some people try to force you) and you do same for every other platform that requires updating including Social Media.

Social media accounts, particularly facebook is almost always the first to get updated though. True right?

I am not sure how important it is for married women to get a name change in other countries but in Nigeria, it is almost a norm (at least most of my friends have discussed name change procedures with me).

So, is getting a name change compulsory after marriage?

There is no standard rule for updating your social media profile with your husband’s last name as there are ladies who do not bother at all. It’s totally an individual choice.

I am not sure name change should be termed compulsory too but I think it is necessary to update revelant records. 

There are a couple of women who still bear their maiden name on their passport. I mean, if your husband is fine with it and there is no immediate reason to, it’s okay to stall a bit.

The guys are so lucky as getting married does nothing to their name. 

Ladies on the other hand have to worry about getting a name change on their passport, update bank account details, update your curriculum vitae, office details, get a newspaper publication, get a sworn affidavit and some others I cannot remember.

You will wonder if these procedures are are one of the reasons why some ladies retain their maiden name after getting married. I also know people retain their maiden name if it can be associated with a brand. For instance, a media personality might want to retain her maiden name because that’s what he/she is known as.

The ‘not so serious’ accounts like one’s email does not necessarily need to change (or does it?)…well I do not plan on creating a new email address soon. 

Some things are definitely left out as no one obviously expects a name change on training certificates and school results..*rolls eye*

With the presence of a marriage certificate as proof, do you think women must still update relevant records?

I was brought up to believe every married lady should naturally want to update her records with her husband’s last name.

I’m on it…but does everyone else feel the same way?

Share your thoughts Lovelies,

Is it fine to keep your maiden name and husband’s last name after you get married?

Did you keep your maiden name?

Did you update relevant records?

Did you first update your profile on Facebook before other pertinent records? ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

Did you have to create a new email address, get a new passport?

If you are not married yet, what will you plan to do as regards name change?

And guys, will you allow your wife keep her last name?

I’ll love to read from you

Love, Peace and Cupcakes



18 thoughts on “‘Mrs’ on social media first….

  1. Still unmarried (well, I technically am but not really lol) but plan on changing my name to husband’s name. We’ve been calling me Mrs. x as a joke for a while now and it has stuck. Also, I intend to have the same name as my kids. We’re doing something different, though. He’s also getting my last name. I’m Cheila Cruz. I’ll be Cheila da Cruz x and he will be Rui da Cruz x

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  2. I am married 3 years now and I never for a second thought of changing my surname. I am who I am. A powerful individual and I respect the family that brought me to this world by keeping the name. As we pursue equality as women, I think changing the name always puts us behind men. They don’t have or want to do it.. so why should we? This is something that society made us think we should. My humble thoughts only!

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  3. I don’t plan to get married soon, but I think that not changing your last name after marriage is a step towards gender equality. For once, ask a man to change his last name to that os his wife’s. Will he do it? If not, then why us?


  4. I found this really interesting to read! I have always said when i get married I’m keeping my name, I’m not really sure why. Over the last couple of years while at uni I have however developed more of a reason and that’s because by the time I am married I intend on having multiple papers published and thus I would keep my name due to that.


  5. I have thought about whether or not I would change my name, and I’m honestly not sure! Interesting article. I never really minded either way


  6. I hope to be married soon…well, within the next 5 years! But I want to keep my surname, it is very much a part of me. I could perhaps add his surname to the end of my name? Not sure yet. Great post, it got me thinking ๐Ÿ˜Š


  7. I got married in March. I decided to take my husband’s last name, but it’s totally a preference thing. I updated my last name on social media a week after the wedding I think. I was excited and wanted to do it. I’ve only now started officially doing it, I’ve just done it at the bank. Now that the ball’s rolling, I’m slowly getting round to everything else. In NZ though, it’s not a legal requirement to change your name offically, you can go by both your maiden and new last name ๐Ÿ™‚

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  8. I’m not married but I was getting married a few years back & I wasn’t keen on changing my last name as I didn’t like his surname so I thought on double barrelling our surnames to make it sound better๐Ÿ˜‚. I think it’s up to the individual whether or not to change it but I do know some people whoever their maiden name for work purposes but go by their married name for other things


  9. The first place where I added my husband’s surname was facebook too! Lol.. it just seemed the easiest thing to do with all the initial excitement. As for the change in surname elsewhere, it is a norm but not legally needed. I didn’t want to change but my husband wanted me to (he had his own reasons) so I kept my maiden name and added his last name to my name. Keeps both of us happy ๐Ÿ˜€


  10. I think about this quite often and toy with the idea of making my maiden name my middle name or completely eliminating it as I will take my partners last name. I also like the idea of just adding it on but then you have four names here and that’s a lot of writing on various forms LOL



  11. I am still unmarried and I’m not really sure what I’m going to do when the time comes! I like the idea of taking his name, but also, I don’t want to bother changing anything! LOL


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