WordSearchSeries #8: Twinge + morning routines

Is it just me or is this year going by really fast? First quarter almost done!!!

Hi hi,

It’s the middle of the week and we have a new word to share on #WordSearchSeries. 

The aim is to bring a word to your attention if you do not already use it in making sentences or while speaking.

So today on #WordSearchSeries, the word I found is Twinge. 

How often do you use this word?


In a bid to know a bit about bloggers in my line of sight, i try as much as I can to read your blogs and that was the intention when i clicked Arfa’s Blogging Book and then realized she actually runs two blogs ( i need such dedication). I randomly chose to read about morning routines that will make you feel great as I have been having subconsious conversations with myself about what being a ‘morning person’ means ( I know that I can be an early bird if I have an appointment which requires that I should be one, but i never wake up with the drink water, exercise, conscious meditation or write routine).

Back to the word before I digress fully…

There was a line in the article that had……..twinge of jealousy….I thought it meant ‘a bit of jealousy’ so i grabbed my dictionary to confirm.

Twinge means:

A sudden, sharp localized pain (Noun)

Example: Henry felt a twinge in his knee

A mental or emotional pang (Noun)

Example: A twinge of sorrow
Suffer a sudden, sharp localised pain (verb)

Example: Stop running if your tummy twinges.

So there you have it, if this is not already a word you use, it can be added to your list.

Thanks to Arfa for that piece about morning routines….I just might have a change of mind.

Do you have a morning routine?

Has it been effective for you in anyway? 

Do share your experience in the comment section as it might inspire me to have a change of mind.

Honestly, i think routines can get a bit boring but if there are significant benefits, then I just might go all the way.

Thank you for reading and if you enjoyed this piece be sure to check back next wednesday for a new word on #WordSearchSeries.

Love, Peace and Cupcakes


27 thoughts on “WordSearchSeries #8: Twinge + morning routines

  1. Oh yes I have used Twinge before. It’s a part of my novel.

    Oh yes I have this morning ritual, where I wake up to see what page I ended up on last night while reading a novel (since I read on a daily, it’s kind of my job to do so).
    Then heading for the shower and preparing meal for the family.
    Once all’s done I am all set to do my job in my cosy lil attic 🙂

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  2. I’m not a morning person either, but since my son began kindergarten, I established this morning routine. However, I’m still not a morning person. I can’t wait for the weekend to stay in bed for just a bit longer. By the way, the word twinge is not one that I have ever used before.

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    1. Hi Te, everyone loves to stay back in bed if there’s a chance…as long as you know there’s nothing that requires immediate attention…but I’m thinking doesn’t that mean there’s still no morning routine? If I can decide to sleep then it defeats the purpose of a routine. Anyways, Thank you for contributing Te😊😊


  3. My morning routine is sacred! If it gets disrupted, my entire day can fall apart. I read somewhere that a good morning routine can set you up for success. I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m very sure if I didn’t have a morning routine, I wouldn’t be able to do everything I have to do!

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    1. Hi Jenny and Jack, Congrats on the Big Five Zero …if its just twinges then there’s nothing to be worried about right? Great use of ‘Twinge’ in your comment by the way…and yea too bad work makes us earlybirds…then again that’s how we appreciate the weekend more. Thank you for the comments ☺☺


  4. Twinge is a great word. I’m a massage therapist so hear it a fair bit. My morning routine depends on whether I’m at uni or work. In that case it’s get dressed, eat and leave. On days off itso eating followed by dog walking.

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  5. Hi Paytea,

    Thanks for the mention 🙂 Your word series is something I really appreciate. It does the exact magic as the online dictionaries. With morning routines, I’d say everyone has set schedules and rituals to live their lives. That’s completely okay. What I do at my best is to practice deep breathing in fresh air for almost 10 minutes and 5-minute walk. I want to make it better but I wake up late :-p

    Blogging is all about time-management but I have to keep the balance between my both blogs. Epife is where I share tips to grow businesses online and Arfa’s Blogging Book is where I throw out words from my personal life, experiences and definitely, knowledge.

    Paytea, you are a wonderful blogger and what you do others probably don’t make it possible. You are best at what you do! Your word series is really really amazing!

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    1. Awww…..Thank you for the kind words Arfa. I definitely want to do better.
      Haha..I see we all love to sleep in a bit…but well, as long as we don’t leave really important issues unattended to.
      You really do manage both blogs well because they both have good content. Welldone!!!
      I really appreciate your contributions here Arfa …Thank you again ☺☺☺


  6. Love this post!

    And yes, I have morning routine. I usually wake up at 6 or 7 am, dress up and then either go for a run or read some personal development books. Then I enjoy my breakfast, get ready and go on Uni, in the city, check up with my clients or just do something that I have on my schedule for that day. And I find it very effective! 😃


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    1. That’s Great Tinkara, you seem to stick to your routine pretty well too..hmmm…Do you go to bed early? On days when i sleep late, I allow myself have some more sleep time if I don’t have to leave the house early. But I guess having a morning routine is about starting your day early regardless of the previous night.
      ….and I must add that I still get things on my list done routine or not…
      Thanks for the comment Tinkara…I just might start a proper routine too…☺☺☺

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      1. Well it depends, but I’m trying to go to bed as early as possible – but I get at least 7 hours of sleep per night. If I don’t sleep enough, I feel tired in the afternoon and just don’t feel like doing anything haha.. Everybody has some type of routine, not necessary the morning routine, but the one that keeps you to your goals and the one that helps you get things done. So, if it works for you, don’t bother changing it. But if you need some changes, thab definitely maybe get up one hour earlier or something like that. 😃😃😃

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  7. I am another so-not-a-morning person! Seems like there are a lot of us. But I do have a morning routine – otherwise I probably wouldn’t get out of bed until lunch time! As soon as I wake and stumble to the little room, my darling well-trained husband brings me coffee and a rusk! While dunking my rusk and sipping my coffee, I have my morning devotions. (I’m sure the Lord understands the need for coffee while I’m talking to him!) Then I check FB on my phone before forcing myself out of bed and into the shower. Then, and only then, I’m ready to face the day. Usually.

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    1. Awww…that’s lovely….you have a really simple routine and I imagine it’s been that way for quite a while…I’ll definitely continue with a routine that involves getting already made coffee or Milo in my case 😊😊..Le hubby likes to have tea n lemon every morning and i join the free treat once in a while…Thank you for the comment and shouts to your supportive husband ☺☺☺


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