Phayview #2 : Links you will love

Hi hi, 

Are we having a good day?

Phayview #1 was published last Sunday, so over the past week, I thought it will be a good idea to publish ‘Phayview‘ every sunday. (hey! Look at that, I’m gradually sticking to blog scheduling *wink). 


While surfing the internet, I came across a video I will like to share. It explains one of the things we must ‘not do’ if we want to lead a happy life.  I love to read everything that encourages self-love and Mindfulness.

Please enjoy this video below by Comedian Tom Shillue which was done for PragerU :

As a writer, are the times when you go blank? Here are 46 ideas to beat bloggers block written by Suzie81Speaks. She is an amazing blogger. Click the link and Thank me later.*wink

This week, i read a post that connects with my childhood and probably yours too. I liked that it reminded me that it is okay to relive beautiful childhood memories once in while. 

We spend a lot of time ‘being an adult’ and get caught in overwhelming adult activities that we forget to just really relax. I totally miss those time when we did not have to worry about bills and only argue about our favourite cartoon characters or what super heroes we wanted to be (I always wanted to be the Pink Ranger in Mighty Morphin ‘Go Go’ Power Rangers). *inserts theme song 😉😉 What super hero did you want to be while you were younger? 

Do enjoy this article titled Revival of the Child by Sudhanshu Joshi. I loved the idea of this article so i dropped a comment.

Ps: I did a bit of yoga for the first time this weekend. I like that it is slow paced and I was drenched in sweat by the time I was done. Sweating means I’m loosing weight right?  Haha…

Here’s the video I used below:

Have a lovely week ahead and Remember to keep the child inside you alive.

Oh…and yea

Let me know please, can you really loose some weight by doing yoga? 

….and on a light note, what super hero did you want to be while you were younger?


Love, Peace and Cupcakes

33 thoughts on “Phayview #2 : Links you will love

  1. Thanks for sharing these blogs for reading. I love yoga and yes I do believe you can lose weight but it also means a combination of consistency and making healthier food choices. Good luck. I found you through Blog Share Learn on FB.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond.

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  2. I can’t stick to blog scheduling either so I know how that feels. A lot gets in the way… Mostly my daughter who just won’t leave me alone haha. I actually really like your blog and you have a great idea here!

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  3. I didn’t want to be a superhero, but my favorite superhero was Batman from the reruns of the old TV series. I watched faithfully and thought he was the bravest, sexiest thing on the planet. LOL

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