WordSearchSeries #5: Infantile

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I haven’t shared a new word since the 10th of February 2017, not because I didn’t find new words but because I’ve been super busy (not too busy to publish posts tho’, i find time) and trying to make a decision regarding when #WordSearchSeries should be published (I think that’s the main reason). 

Blogging Tip: I read that it is important to have a blog schedule so I have decided to share a new word on phaytea’s pulse every Wednesday. I also realised I’ve published two posts every week since January 2017…not bad if you ask me πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Today on #WordSearchSeries, i found Infantile.


About two weeks ago, i was having lunch while at my parents for the weekend and also watching my fave ‘romcom’ Silvana sin Lana (which means Manuel and Silvana) on Telemundo when I heard the word Infantile.

It was the same day I started writing  On beautiful memories and change. Please read.

In this episode of Manuel and Silvana, Antonio Hose VillaseΓ±or was upset and reffered to Manuel Gillardo’s behaviour as ‘infantile’. (Just incase you’ve never watched, Manuel is Antonio’s wife’s ‘love interest’. For a good laugh, I will recommend this romcom to anyone).

I have never used the word Infantile so I checked my dictionary and here’s what I found:

  • You can use infantile as an adjective:

Of or occurring among babies or very young children. E.g infantile colic, infantile disease.

  • It can also be used in a derogatory statement (characteristics befitting an infant) just as in Antonio’s statement to Manuel.

Infantile means childish, babyish, immature, inane,silly. 

E.g – He spends his time exchanging infantile jokes suitable for the playground.

I do not encourage anyone to go about making derogatory statements now…I just wanted to know why infant was in the word when refering to an adult.

If you have a new word to share, please do so in the comment section and also include the situation when you heard the word you want to share.

I’ll be sharing a new word next Wednesday on #WordSearchSeries.

Love, Peace and Cupcakes



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