Nothing to wear

Ever felt like you do not have anything to wear? Even when your closet is actually filled with clothes?
You need to declutter.

That was me a few days ago and it was not a tiny bit funny. After the frantic search, I finally picked an outfit. Of course, I arrived at my destination late.

Are you asking why I did not sort that out the night before? Well, I did in my head but…..Girl problemsπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

On my way out, I thought about what happened back home. Even though I finally found what to wear, I also realised I had too many things I did not need. This basically made me waste more time.

Having too much junk comes with its own problems and definitely slows down a process. When I was younger, I remember I liked to put all my new books in my back pack at the beginning of a new term. I take everything to school even if it was not on the timetable for that day. Subsequently, my shoulder began to ache and i tried to manage the pain until I could not bear it anymore. I finally complained to my mum and she made me use the class timetable (against my wish) to sort books I needed for each day. The good thing is, the pain stopped after a while and I didn’t have to lag behind while walking with friends. All along, I had endured an aching shoulder and struggled with the weight from the extra books I did not have to carry. Thinking about it now, I really hope I did not walk with my back bent like Quasimodo in the Hunchback of Notre Dame πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰.

This also applies to life generally. When we accumulate things that have no immediate benefit to us, it becomes a problem and distracts us from our purpose. Ever felt like you are permanently fixed on a spot even when you have tried so hard to move? Look around and get rid of that stumbling block in your way. Sometimes, you need to look hard and think really deep to figure it out.

The need to declutter is important if we intend to achieve on time performance and rapid progression in our daily activity. If you store memories of past failure, there will be no space for positive thinking, fear comes knocking and once you start doubting yourself, you get stuck.

  • You think you have nothing to wear, find time to clean up your closet. At least you will have enough space to store the new clothes you intend to buy.
  • Your mail box is full,delete what you do not need or use your archive. Leave space for new opportunities.
  • Can’t concentrate on a project, forget the distractions. Focus on what is important.
  • Can’t get into a new relationship, leave bad memories behind. Keep an open mind and start new friendships.

We are in such a crazy time as it is and we sometimes get consumed with a lot of activities at the same time. We often forget that piling things up will definitely lead to a mess which we must clean up later.

Here is a practical example: Ever tried piling your laundry longer than you usually would? Do you notice all the times you had mind battles and hesitations to actually start doing your laundry? The best part however, is the feeling you get after you have finally completed the task. Is the smell of freshly laundered clothes heavenly or what?

That same feeling is what you get when you let go of baggages that cause more harm than good. You get a better picture and it becomes easier to achieve your purpose with less distraction.


Here are four ways you can declutter:

  1. Recognise the problem. This is the most tasking part as people who are very used to a routine find it difficult to bend (even a tiny bit). It is good to have a routine but also remember it limits you to just what you know. When you fail to have options, you equally won’t realize you are being stuck in a situation that could be better. Once you are able to pass this stage, the problem is half solved. Realise you have a closet filled with junk and it needs to be cleared.
  2. Identify only what you need. Keep only memories that will motivate you to do better. Keep the outfits that you will wear and not the ones you want to grow into. Buy new clothes if you must. What do you need to improve yourself? Seek out options for self development. Connect with friends and acquaintances that motivate you to exceed limits.
  3. Do away with excesses. This is a practical process. Giveaway things you do not need. Be ready to do away with that favourite top that doesn’t fit anymore but you still like to keep anyway.  Give up habits that alters your purpose.Forget memories that leave you sad and full of regret. Do away with toxic acquaintances and people that think you are no good. Clear your mailbox if it’s full. (Pet peeve: I totally dislike seeing the unread mail envelope).
  4. Work with a plan so that you don’t have to start the process all over. Remember that this is a conscious process and if you are not in check, you might go through that distracting route again. Be conscious of each action until you can live easily without accumulating baggages that are not important.

You still think you have nothing to wear? Get into that closet and declutter.

Love, Peace and Cupcakes


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23 thoughts on “Nothing to wear

  1. Great post. A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. Crazy. Been there and decluttering is the way. If one has a few good clithes that you love then it us less choice and easy and peaceful to get ready.

    I so reasonate with this. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] What’s one memory from your childhood you won’t forget? There’s so much..ok the one where I liked to carry all my textbooks to school then subsequently developed pains on my shoulder. My aunt used to sing a song to about it then…something in the lines of carrying a burden in my backpack. Sigh…I think its the song that makes it memorable cos I’ll sing along and dance too. Read full story […]


    1. Hahaha….Why Ewa? I get the feeling you think this is only about clothes…this can be related to other activities/projects…..Thanks for reading but tell someone about decluttering, will you? β˜ΊπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


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