9 ways to get over peeves

Your first thought once you wake up in the morning plays a major role as to how your day will go. Yes?

On days when you wake up to lovely expectations or a nice text, you sail smoothly and all is well with the world.

However,  a nice text from a loved one in the morning will not automatically make you have a great day. If you have to face the world, you know that not all days are unruffled. You probably have to put up with a meddlesome colleague, drive through crazy traffic, deal with the person who just hit your car, a flat tyre, tolerating your neighbour who enjoys loud music, reply a query, your partner didn’t replace the tissue, unwashed dishes…..

These are just a few things that can rile you up and test your patience but they make life interesting. Imagine a life without hiccups and challenges to look forward to? We sometimes make a mountain out of a molehill when we really should just let things go.

For example, the couple who quarrels over dispensing toothpaste from the bottom/middle or lifting the toilet seat (I’ll quarrel over getting the tv remote though😉😉). There are definitely issues worse than light-hearted arguments but these are ‘life’s lemons’ which will just be a phase.

In no particular order, here’s how you can keep sane when your head is under water. We want you breathing fine right?

  1. Be optimistic. Determine to make the best out of a situation.
  2. Solitude. This just means that it is okay to be in your own company ‘for a while’. Use the time to reflect.
  3. Listen to your favourite song or podcast. Do something you enjoy doing dance,sing,read,exercise etc
  4. Pray about it.
  5. Talk to someone that makes you happy (the intention is to get a clear head).
  6. Talk to someone that can help (actually discussing the issue depending on its gravity).
  7. What do you like about life? The list is endless….just refer to your list.
  8. Consciously remind yourself  that you deserve to be happy.
  9. Go out. A breathe of fresh air helps you understand the relationship between a rose and thorns.

I know i said 9 but here’s an extra-

Sleep. This may sound funny but some people actually feel better after a nap.

This is no blueprint but depending on what you are faced with, just decipher and one or more points here will help you get over peeves.

What really grinds your gears and how do you get out of a bad mood?

Peace, Love and Cupcakes


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