WordSearchSeries #4: Taciturn

​Today on #WordSearchSeries, I found Taciturn.


I came across this word while reading a feature on bellanaija (This is a popular wedding and lifestyle website in Nigeria). 

Before I go on, here is a little confession. I have been poked a lot about not reading books but my argument is, I read a lot of books while growing up and this is probably the reason why I snub paper back books these days. I would rather read an e-book or just stick to articles I find interesting online. For someone who loves to ‘word my thoughts’, I will try to pick the habit again…when I am ready that is. Plus I hear it is good for developing writing skills so it’s a win-win.

Back to the word I found…

The article I read was titled ‘My daughter, you talk too much written by Onyinyechi Nwanna-Iwuoha and ‘Taciturn’ was used to describe the main characters husband. Basically, this lady liked to talk about everything with her friends but after ‘she got marrried to a man who is taciturn’. she was told (by her mum and most likely everyother older female) to reduce the way she talks about her issues especially about marriage life. So, apparently a lot was happening, she needed to tell someone, her husband was not much of a talker, she could not talk to her friends and when she talked to her mum, she got a reply in the line of ‘My daughter, you talk too much’. 

As usual I made a note to find out the meaning of taciturn and her is what I found

Habitually reserved and uncommunicative
Buttoned up, concise, incommunicative, untalkative

Reserved or uncommunicative in speech; saying little.

Example: after such gatherings she would be taciturn and morose

Now we know what taciturn means. 

If you have read the other post from WordSearchSeries, let me know if the stories I share help you understand and remember the meaning of the word.

If you have a new word to share, please do so in the comment section and tell the story of how you came about the word. I will like to learn from you too.

Until I find a new word to share……

Peace, Love and Cupcake


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