WordSearchSeries #2 -PRECARIOUS

​Today on #WordSearchSeries, i found the word Precarious.

I have never used this word before nor have I heard someone say it to me until recently.

At work the other day, my boss let me know we had to prepare a memo. I grabbed my pen and notepad and proceeded to get a brief. All was going well….. then he said Precarious. 

#NewWordAlert From the context of the statement he made, i figured it had to do with being unstable or dicey. I mentally made a note check the word later and of course share on #WordSearchSeries.

After preparing the document and sending off to the receiving department, I grabbed my phone to check the dictionary. 

Here’s what I found out.

Precarious means:

Not securely held in position; dangerously likely to fall or collapse.

Dependent on chance; uncertain.

Not secure; beset with difficulties

Affording no ease or reassurance

For example, 

He made a precarious living as a painter.

The precarious life of an undersea diver. 

Ade is in a precarious situation. He awaits the outcome of his disciplinary committee case.

Basically, You get the drift once you think dangerous, unsafe, uncertain, risky, unreliable, shaky, unpredictable, unsure. 

There are still quite a number of synonyms not mentioned but you can check them out when you have the time.

Until I find a new word to share…………..

Love always, Peace and Cupcakes.

Phaytea 😚😚😚

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